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document What is a Rubber Chicken Card Free Trial?
Often we run Free Trial Programs to let you sample the flavor of our chicken. This account allows you to send an unlimited amount of Rubber Chicken Cards from our entire inventory FREE for a trial period of 10 days. At the time you sign up, you are asked to enter your credit card...
03 Dec, 2010
document How do I cancel my Free Trial?
To cancel a Ten Day Free Trial account please call 877-879-5303 so that you can speak to our crack Customer Service human, David. You may also email your cancel request to m    You do not need to cancel a 30 Day Free Trial as there is no credit...
18 Jan, 2012
document Why does it look like I was charged before my 10 Day Free Trial is up?
If you used a debit card to set up your 10 Day Trial, please be aware that most banks put a freeze on the $19.95 that would be charged at the end of the 10 days. These funds are not transferred to Rubber Chicken Cards until the 10-day trial period has expired. If you cancel your 10 Day Trial, the...
16 Jan, 2009