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Better Late Than Never, Right?

Okay, so you're a tad late. What is SO darn special about being "on time" ? Why is that SOOOOOOOO important? What is the BIG deal???? Personally, we think getting ANYWHERE AT ALL REMEMBERING ANYTHING these days is a blinking miracle!

Think About It

If you were "On Time" for EVERYTHING what happens to "SURPRISE". So send a Rubber Chicken Card right now and follow it an immediate "SURPRISE"! Then either really turn on the charm, or run like hell!

Past Due is Only for Bills, Not Relationships

"THANK GOD YOU MADE IT!" Is a much better way to look at this situation. And Rubber Chicken cards can help you save face, just send off one of our "Belated" cards RIGHT NOW! Think of it as you "delayed-Multitasking", you still remembered, just after the fact. At least you're making up for it now.

Send Our Cards Now, Panic Later

Blah blah blah, you're not REALLY reading down this far are you?! Why, when you should be perusing our wonderful selection of Belated Rubber Chicken cards, for crying out loud, send one of our cards NOW! Before it too late! Otherwise we're gonna have to come up with a whole new category called "Belated Cards-Sent Too Late" and that's just bad form overall.

Wait, Didn't They Forget YOUR Important Day

That's right! They're totally thoughtless too! HA! Now we got something to hold over their heads! Awesome, just TRY to make us feel guilty person-whose-important-day-we-also-forgot! Take THAT! Turn about is fair play... hey, how come we don't have any more friends?! Maybe it's time to start using Yahoo Calendar or Facebook to remember birthdays. We make a whole bunch of free Facebook "memes" you can dash off to your friends and loved ones and then act like you TOTALLY remembered them when in fact you TOTALLY forgot!

Okay How Effective Are These LOOOOONG Category Entries Anyway?!

We write all this nonsense here to inform people so they become, hopefully, paying subscribers, but really are these that useful? We were told this also improves our Google and search engine ratings, but come on, unless you work for Google, who'd ever really know, are we right?! The following two paragraphs were written by our boss, Steve Rotblatt, he forgot to include the opening and closing "p" tags so we went back and added them. We left in all the garbled HTML for your online enjoyment:

Don't Worry

Well fear not! We here at Rubber Chicken E Cards have THE PERFECT SOLUTION! Our belated birthday cards can be sped across the internet the moment you recall that you've forgotten and besotted salutations can be shot to your beloved ones the moment you hit "send". Frannie Furball coughs up gobs of congratulations. Cowboy Bob warbles winning solicitudes. Psych Chick summons forth spirits of love and devotion. And the ever wise and wonderful Guptah gives bountiful assurances that EVERY day is EVERYONE'S birthday for ETERNITY!

You Are Covered

So be assured your belated greetings are completely covered with appeasing and endearing exclamations of joy, love and happiness for your ever so cherished chum, beloved buddy, charismatic compadre, conscientious confidente, sidekick, associate, even your brat of a brother. WHOEVER it is you want to assure you adore???????????????????????????¢????????????????????????????¦We've got you covered! And really, try to remember???????????????????????????¢????????????????????????????¦better late than never!

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