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Anniversary eCards (20)

  • Anniversary - "Aunt Gloria"

  • Anniversary - "Runway"

  • Anniversary - "Taco Truck"

  • Anniversary - "BeezleBob"

  • Anniversary - "Stinky Dog"

  • Anniversary Gears - "Sweet Chicken"

  • Anniversary - "Jersey"

  • Anniversary Art - "Sweet Chicken"

  • Anniversary Birds - "Sweet Chicken"

  • Anniversary - "Louise the Angel"

  • Anniversary - "The Packrats"

  • Anniversary - "Angel Moon McFadden"

  • Wedding - "Roadshow"

  • Anniversary - "Jack and Jacques"

  • Anniversary - "Flight Attendant"

  • Anniversary - "The Psychick"

  • Anniversary - "Donner and Blitzen"

  • Anniversary - Larry the Loungeman

  • Anniversary - Dr. Maybaum

  • Anniversary - God

Funny Online Happy Anniversary Cards memes

Funny Online Happy Anniversary Cards & Memes

We honor the couples who made it through another great year together.

Anniversaries are amazing. Most people at some time (most) want to be part of a couple or a partnership. So when people have another year under their belt, have resolved some issues, deepened love, we rise to the occasion and send a Rubber Chicken Card.

Happy Anniversary Online Greeting Cards

Anniversaries are both fun and also sweet to the core. We root for couples to win, and when they do we need to send them something special. Diamonds, art, clothes and A Rubber Chicken Card. Yep. Love is in the air.

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