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Birthday 70 eCards (19)

  • Birthday Rube Goldberg #2 - "Sweet Chicken"

  • Birthday - "Taco Truck"

  • Birthday - "Rufus the Dog"

  • Birthday - "Rube Goldberg"

  • Birthday - "Sinclair, The Hipster"

  • Birthday #2 - "God"

  • Birthday - "Reggae Mon"

  • Birthday - "Origins"

  • Birthday - "Master Liu"

  • Birthday - "General Store"

  • Birthday - "Good Cop Bad Cop"

  • Birthday (Rube Goldberg) - "Sweet Chicken"

  • Birthday (Folk Art) - "Sweet Chicken"

  • Birthday (Zen) - "Sweet Chicken"

  • Birthday - "SweetChicken Card"

  • Birthday - "Angel Moon McFadden"

  • Birthday - "Bongo and Tone"

  • Birthday - "The Muse"

  • Birthday - "Flight Attendant"

Happy 70th Birthday

Whoa! You are 70?

Good news is that you are 70 and you, as if you are on Seinfeld, have learned nothing. The idiots at Rubber Chicken Cards love you for it. We insist on learning nothing and are proud of it.

How is that Body

Some folks say that the body starts to sag and bag. But we have found, with careful scientific study, that senders of Rubber Chicken Cards actually firm up over time. 70 year old Rubber Chicken Card users are some of the healthiest people in the World.

Increased Sense of Love and Joy

Some people think that using these cards is like a face lift. Yes. It is. The Chief Chicken of RCC looks like he is thirty, and he is not.

Thanks for sending Rubber Chicken Cards. You make the world better.

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