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Hanukkah eCards (35)

  • Hanukkah - "Jersey"

  • Hanukkah - "Autopsy"

  • Hanukkah - "Geeks"

  • Hanukkah - "MacDoodle and Son"

  • Happy Holidays - "Rube Goldberg"

  • Holidays - "Sinclair, the Hipster"

  • Happy Holidays #2 - "Stinky Dog"

  • Hanukkah - "Runway"

  • Hanukkah - "Sweet Chicken"

  • Hanukkah - "Juicy Juice"

  • Happy Holidays - "Sweet Chicken"

  • Hanukkah - "Aunt Gloria"

  • Hanukkah - "The Muse"

  • Hanukkah - "Flight Attendant"

  • Hanukkah - "General Store"

  • Hanukkah - "Frankie and Eddie"

  • Hanukkah - "Ellen and Wins"

  • Hanukkah - "Good Cop Bad Cop"

  • Holidays - "Broadway"

  • Holidays - "Juicy Juice"

  • Hanukkah and Christmas - "Sister Mary Margaret"

  • Holidays -Peace - "Frankie and Eddie"

  • Hanukkah - "Malene and Dave"

  • Hanukkah - "Selma Goldfarb"

  • Holidays - "Carlita d'mechanic"

  • Holidays (alone) - "Ellen and Winsor"

  • Hanukkah - "The Professors"

  • Hanukkah - "Psychick"

  • Happy Holidays #2 - "Guptah"

  • Hanukkah - "Flashback Boys"

  • Hanukkah - "Larry the Loungeman"

  • Hanukkah - "Breeder Brothers"

  • Holidays - "Marlene and Dave"

  • Hannukah "Bats inna Belfry"

  • Hanukkah "Singin' Cowboy Bob"


Hanaukkah eCards Animated Funny Online Greeting Cards

Hanukkah ecards, Chanukah ecards: So many spellings, so little time, and so many Rubber Chicken Cards Hanukkah ecards to choose from. How would you like the two idiot birds, Frankie and Eddie, to serenade your friends or family members about world peace in a holiday ecard? How would like Good Cop/Bad Cop to grill the head Rabbi in your town about lighting fires - like the candles on the menorah in a Hanukkah ecard?

Letters to the Henhouse

By the way, we have had many letters over the years asking us if we have as much fun doing these cards as it looks. The answer is Yes! We love doing this work. It is fun for us to sit in your house (don't get creeped, we don't mean literally) when you send an ecard Hanukkah. It is really moving for us to be with you as you lighten the load for a friend or family member on a holiday like Hanukkah. Though not all days here in the coop are hilarious, after all it is work, most days are fun, relaxed and happy. The idiots at Rubber Chicken Cards actually like each other and come each day to play. We hope this joy comes through in our Hanukkah ecards.

A Sense of Humor in History

One of the great things about Jews, yes we can pretty much stereotype here, is that as a culture Jews have a sense of humor. That's why so many old school comics are and were Jewish. They wouldn't let you in the club as a member, but if you could make them laugh, you'd have a good shot at nice meal.

The Rabbi: Steve Mittleman

Steve Mittleman, the voice of the Rabbi, is one of our countries great comics. He came to us from a good friend of RC Cards, in fact, our Manager, Barry Bookin. Here is a little about Steve: Steve Mittleman was born without a chin. It got weaker from there. It haunted him his whole life. When he was sad about it, people would ask, "Hey Steve, why the short face?" It used to take him (only) 3 - 4 hours to change a pillowcase. Then, Steve was asked to be on Extreme Makeover and was given a remarkable chin, 2 clefts and 9 dimples. His sense of humor remains intact as long as he can find it. Oddly, now that Steve is easier on the eye, he's doing voice-over work. Steve also smells like stucco which ABC used when he had his plastic surgery mistakenly done on Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Steve writes, acts and travels the country doing standup for corporate and Jewish events.

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