Rubber Chicken Cards

Presidential Elections eCards (4)

  • Election Day - "The Muse"

  • Presidential Elections - "Dah Sport"

  • Register to Vote - "Bats Inna Belfry"

  • Presidential Elections - "Singin' Cowboy Bob"

Presidential Elections ecards: Every four years the Republican and Democratic clown cars speed around the country and attempt to gather votes - or buy votes. Remember when you gave money to charity and not election campaigns? We do. And so we have developed some great elections ecards to simply make people laugh. Come on, though deeply serious because who we elect actually matters, it's all a hoot: the wrangling, the spending of billions, the careful wording of silliness, the lies, the accusations. It's like hanging out in the monkey cage.

The beauty of our three, as of this writing, ecards on the elections is that they are all about registering to vote. The great thing about democracy is the process. You get in the booth and, if someone doesn't steal your vote, you get to say what you stand for. Spread the word. Let the Bats Inna belfry and Cowboy Bob, or Dah Sport say it for you.! So whatever party you are registered with, whatever candidate you want, help to get out the vote with a Rubber Chicken Card Presidential Elections ecard. Make a difference today! Each state has different rules, but you can get the process started by waking up your friends and family members - and maybe yourself.