Rubber Chicken Cards

Summer eCards (16)

  • Summer - "Dreamtime"

  • Summer - "Beezlebob"

  • Summer - "Jersey"

  • Summer - "De la Noche"

  • 1st Day of Summer - "Jack and Jacques"

  • Summer - "General Store"

  • Summer - "Happy Hour"

  • Summer - "The Professors"

  • Summer - "Louise the Angel"

  • Bon Voyage - "Flashback Boys"

  • Summer - "Bats Inna Belfry"

  • Summer - "Donner and Blitzen"

  • Bon Voyage - "Larry the Loungeman"

  • Bon Voyage - "Guptah"

  • Bon Voyage - "Frankie and Eddie"

  • Summer - "Flashback Boys"

Who doesn't love summer? Vacation time, pools, hot sun, no school. Ahhhh. Summer. The idiots at Rubber Chicken Cards love summer. They love the warms nights and hot days in the Rubber Chicken Cards garage. To celebrate this change in seasons we have a nice number of our premium animated cards and our Chicken Scratch ecards.

So join us for a summer with the Drunk Happy Hour Dogs, the General Store, Donner and Blitzen (the reindeer that Santa wants to forget) and a couple of helpful Bon Voyage ecards.