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The Grateful Turkey

Fleeing Chicago

Swiss Bank Account

World Environment Day

Water a flower Day

Maya_Rest in Peace

Coffee Awareness Month

God and the Oscars

What Color Are You?

President Obama and President's Day

Cigarettes and Lard

Vals Day Ticket to Rio

Vals Day Foreplay

Valentine's Day regrouting

Drive Though Valentine Date

Vals Day for Men Without Filters

Hoffman R.I.P.

Stopping Traffic

Americans and Books

Old on my Birthday

Watching with 3D Glasses

Cutting off those Spanx

Likes on Facebook

Martin Luther King Day

Mayan Calendar Apocalypse

Academy and Hanks

Hump Day Helper

Let's Get Started Early

At the Cemetary

Water Cooler Weight Loss

Redskin Name Change

Turn off the Cold

Nothing But Love this Xmas

Nelson Mandela RIP

Fear of Death - Mark Twain

Happy HanuTurkahha

Congressman Falls in Forest

Pork Belly Futures

Nuclear Med Week

National Kale Day

Babe Ruth Home Runs

Native American Day

Perfect Measurements

Talk Like a Pirate Day

2000 Year Health Study

Sukkot - "The Rabbi"





Happiness - Epictetus

Life Coach - "HotLips"

Bob Filner and Dogs

Short Order Cook Teachers




Aunt Gloria-Aug 8-happy Eid






Ellen - trayvon martin condolences

womens rights - guns - uteruses

God-July 10-Scopes Monkey Trial

Winsor - July 5 - Spam Invented

DaSport - July 5 Arthur Ashe

Betty Ann - 4th of July

Puss - 4th of July

Julia Child - 4th of July

Stinky Dog - Dog Days of Summer

stoner - world ufo day

Dem GOP - Student Debt

Obama - Canada Day

Oden - If You Need Me

Texas Womens Rights

Guptah - Shreya Ghoshal Day

Runway - LGBT Lawrence v Texas

Winsor - Catfish Day

Master Liu - NSA Kharma

Summer Solstice - Frankie

Summer - "Aunt Gloria"

Try Again - "Mary Margaret"

Sports - "Da Sport"

Friendship - "Betty Ann Beeman"