Just for the Peck of It Social Media Cards

Fish - "Most Common Lies"

Headache - "Most Common Lies"

Every Day - "Da Sport"

Airport - "Stinky Dog"


Lefthanders Day

Gift to the Royal Family

One Billion Years Old

Miss Utah Shares a Brain Cell

Chris Bosh Chin

Farewell San Onofre!

New Cap and Gown

Take You Child to Work

Congressman - Cats

Nap - "Water Cooler"

So Cold - "Hot Lips"

Lance Armstrong - "Hot Lips"

Twinkle Lights - "The Mother"

End of the World - "Hotlips"

Mayan Calendar

Apple Hiring in US

Grass Greener - "Sister Mary"

Adored - "Furball Frannie"

Eggroll - "Misfortune Cookie"

Twinkies - End of World

General Scandal

Coffee - "Winsor"

Mouth Said - "Father O'Kelly"

Pigeon - "Death Chick"

Trust - "The Professors"

Gefilte Fish - "The Rabbi"

Chili - "Stinky Dog"

Follow Your Heart - "Sister Mary"

Song - "Kimmi"

Patience - "Jenny Sue"

Crazy - "Frankie"

GPS - "Dale Vacwit"

Book Cover - "Professors"

Mess Around - "Welcome Wagon"

Hanukkah Menorah - "Rabbi"

Fleas - "Hotlips"

Almost there - "Hotlips"

Golf -"What I learned tennis"

Holy Cow - "Guptah"

Sandwich - "Men Without Filters"

Cocaine - "Men Without Filters"

Men Without Filters

Genitals - "Long in Tooth Fairy"

Introducing _ "Long in Tooth Fairy"

Odor - "Panel Cartoon"

Brazilian - "Hotlips"

iphone - "God"

Global Warming - "Roadshow"

Sneakers - "You are the..."

Pretzels - "You are the..."

Marshmallows - "You are the..."

Jelly - "You are the..."

Gravy - "You are the..."

Frosting - "You are the..."

Eggs - "You are the..."

Viagra - "Twinky"

Noah - "Mark Twain"

The Cat - "Mark Twain"

The bird - "Stinky Dog"

Laser Pointer - "Puss"

Spill - "Most Common Lies"

Ticket - "Most Common Lies"

Gift - "Most Common Lies"

Lies - "Most Common Lies"

Tardy - "Kimmi the Juice Girl"

Fishing - "Breeder Brothers"

Panties - "Jenny Sue"

Bar Visits - "Jenny Sue"

Coffee - "Hotlips"

Death - "Aunt Gloria"

Staying Mad - "Aunt Gloria"

Lemons - "Ellen"

Chocolates - "Ellen"

Giving Up - "Dah Sport"

Condom - "Dah Sport"

Every Day - "Professors"

Office Life - "Professors"

Breathalyser - "Good Cop"

Bad Sports - "Da Sport"

Karma - "Sinky Dog"

Vegetarian - "Breeder Brothers"

The Truth - "Mark Twain"

Sports - "Da Sport"

Women - "Selma Goldfarb"

Insults - "Death Chick"

Insult - "Death Chick"

Every Day - "Lincoln"