Politics Social Media Cards

Stopping Traffic

Nelson Mandela RIP

Two Republican Parties

Congressman Falls in Forest

Pork Belly Futures

Alice Stone Blackwell

Siri and Syria

Traveling Salesman - War


Bob Filner and Dogs




Remember When - Our Leaders

Royal Baby and Weiner

Royal Baby Invades France

Spitzer and Weiner

womens rights - guns - uteruses

Dem GOP - Student Debt

Texas Womens Rights

Master Liu - NSA Kharma

Automatic Weapons - "Teacher"

Farewell San Onofre!

After Syria with John McCain

Sequester - Rabbi

Congressman - Cats

Intelligence - Michele Bachmann

Teachers - Security

All I want for Christmas

Automatic Weapons - "God"

Politics - Hillary and Bill

Anything Possible - "Pres. Obama"

The Problem - "The Teacher"

Global Warming - "Roadshow"

"winning" a war -Montgomery

the rich and government programs- Montgomery

anybody can be president - the father

organized crime - capt. benjamin