Who's behind the Best Electronic Greeting Cards?

It's not easy to produce the best electronic greeting cards in the industry, but somebody's gotta do it! Here's the talented and, ahem, modest team behind the funny Ecards.

Steven Rotblatt (Chief Chicken)

Rubber Chicken Cards is the brain child of Steven. Besides trying to rope and tie all of these amazing creative people by pretending to be management, Steve is foremost the guy who creates the character designs for all of the characters and is the concept creator and head writer for most of the card-toons.. Steven is an award winning animator and illustrator from projects like "A Kid's Guide to the Smithsonian Museum" and "A Brief History of Time" (the CD of the Stephen Hawking Book). In addition, Steven has created hundreds of designs for one of the leading print greeting card companies. Currently, along with his Rubber Chicken Cards duties, Steven is a Professor of Animation at Santa Monica College.

Steven plays the following roles: Spittoon, Jacques the Dummy, Good Cop, a Flashback Boy, Sal the Bat, Dave in the Diner, Frankie, Happy Hour Dog, Maurice the Biker, Dah Sport and Dah Sportess, Stinky Dog, the Translator, Dr. Maybaum, Larry the Loungeman, Blitzen, Jim Breeder, the Son of McDoodle, Andy the Beaver, one of the Two Fools, Ed of the Packrats, Montgomery of the Professors, Dottie Rat, Winsor, Father Time, God, one of the Geeks, Bongo the Beatnik, Hot Lips, Dave of Marlene and Dave, Nostradamus, Puss, Bert in General Store, and Dale Vacwit in Roadshow.

Fred Tatasciore (voice over actor)

Fred entered the UCLA film school (Animation Workshop), where he received an MFA in Animation. This is where he met Steve. For the last 17 years, Fred has a made a living as a voice actor for TV Animation, Radio, Video Games, Features, and Amusement Parks, and can be heard on "Family Guy", "American Dad", "Robot Chicken", "Ben 10", "Tom Goes to the Mayor", "Invader Zim", "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy", "The Emperor's New School", "The Ultimate Avengers" (Hulk), "Barnyard" (The Farmer), and "X-Men" (Beast) and various shows from Disney, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network (Adult Swim). He's most happy with the work he's been doing with Rubber Chicken, because of the open freedom he gets "improv jamming, writing, and performing" with one of his favorite artists, Steve, and "making delightful train wrecks for others to lovingly experience".

Fred plays in the later versions of the following roles: Bad Cop, a Flashback Boy, Vinne the Bat, Eddie, Happy Hour Dog, , Reporter in Dah Sport, Donner, Jimmy Breeder, McDoodle, Randy the Beaver, Wizard, Charles the Professor, and one of the Geeks, Mr. Klayman in General Store, the Host in Roadshow.

Fred is one of the best voice over actors in the world and is constantly working, a rare feat in the entertainment world

Charlie Adler (voice over actor)

Emmy Award winning Dialogue  Director and two-time Annie Award nominee CHARLIE ADLER (Starscream) is one of the industry's most sought after Dialogue  Directors and Voice Actors for animation .  In 2007 he lent his voice to the character of Starscream in Michael Bay's live-action hit, "Tranformers," and reprises the role in "Revenge of the Fallen." He is has most recently lent his Dialogue Direction talents to the remake of The Nutty Professor starring legend Jerry Lewis, the series Flapjack (Cartoon Network), the Direct to Videos "Dante's Inferno","Dead Zone", "The Blue Elephant" with Carl Reiner and Martin Short and several more titles for the Weinstein Co. Charlie has most currently worked on several pilots for several networks as well. He has Dialogue Directed  all the Klasky Csupo franchised series and feature films, "Rugrats" (Emmy Award)"The Wild Thornberry's", "Rocket Power"  and "All Grown Up" as well as "Stripperella" (Pamela Anderson) "The Replacements" "The Emperor 's New School" and "The Buzz on Maggie" all for Disney Television.

As a Voice Actor, Adler has appeared as series regular in over 100 animated series often playing opposite himself in multiple roles such as Cow, Chicken and the Red Guy in the Emmy Nominated Cow and Chicken, playing 5 roles in the GI Joe series as 5 characters including COBRA Commander.  Currently airing is his manic Mr. Whiskers in Disney's "Brandy & Mr. Whiskers"3 roles in "Pet Aliens" and 2 roles in" Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks" for PBS. Adler's metamorphic voice is heard an average of 20 times a day all over the world. Adler's other notable characters are Buster Bunny in Steven Spielberg's "Tiny Toon Adventures," Ickis in "AAAHH!!! Real Monsters" and Ed and Bev Bighead in "Rocko's Modern Life."  He has also been a Smurf, was an original G.I. Joe, an original Transformer and a Glow Friend has starred as the Baboon in "I.M. Weasel" opposite Michael Dorn.  In the cult feature "Cool World' he played opposite Kim Bassinger and Brad Pitt as Nails, the neurotic sidekick. Named one of the 'Top 13 All Time Voice-Over Artists' by Animation Magazine and 'Voice of The Decade' by Animation World News, Adler is at the undisputed top of the world of voice for animation.

Charlie plays the roles of Stinky Dog, Furball Franny, Dottie Rat, Jack the American ventriloquist, Nostradamus, and Aunt Gloria.

Martha Lambert (voice over actor)

Martha is a performer, teacher, and darn talented woman. Martha supplies Rubber Chicken with many of the great women's voices on our site, including Guptah, Julia, and Louise the Angel, Sara, etc. Her past actorly adventures include a reoccurring role in As The World Turns, her own national talk show, Break Away, time on LA LAW, innumerable commercials, corporate industrial films and corporate trainings... and Stand Up Comedy. In addition, Martha had the first children's show on HBO called Martha's Attic.

" I've been creating, playing, writing and generally laughing my butt off ( which sooo beats dieting) with Steve since Rubber Chicken Cards began. My time in the Hen House continues to confirm the infinite variety of creative genius and my joy in reveling in it. I also share, with Steve the feeling of gratitude about be able to "work" at something that lifts the spirit, incites laughter, and causes good feelings and silly ones to reign supreme. I am delighted at the prospect of continuing to make this kind of contribution to the world! Science has long since proven that our ability to heal, to learn, to think, to create and maintain our well being is absolutely enhanced and supported by the Fun Factor … may I always assist you in keeping yours high!"

Martha plays the roles of the following: Louise the Angel, Marta Stewartski, Selma Goldfarb, Guptah, Marlene, Ruth of the Packrats, Sarah, Julia, Betty Ann Beeman, Mother, Madam Blubartsky, Carlita D'Mechanic, Madam President, and Sister Mary.

Melissa van der Schyff (voice over actor) is one of the primary brilliant voices in Rubber Chicken Card land. She is a sought after voice actor, now in New York City, part of the new Sunny Day series, playing the role of Cindy.

Melissa has created a loyal following around the world for her lovable and quirky Rubber Chicken Card characters including "The Psychick", "The Flight Attendant" and "Way up North's" Diane. Melissa has also written original scripts for the company. As an actress, Melissa has starred on Broadway in the 2003 Tony Nominated Musical Revival of "Big River" as Mary Jane Wilkes. She just completed a run at the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles in Pippin. Melissa also performed in one of the leads in the Broadway show Bonnie and Clyde.

Some of her film credits include "A Lot Like Love", "The Great Commission", and "Speed Dating". Melissa has also had Guest Starring roles on "Chicago Hope", "Love and Marriage" and was a series regular on the comedy pilot "The Whitney Show" . As a studio singer Melissa can be heard on dozens of promo spots.

Melissa plays the following roles: The Psychick, Flight Attendant, Diane from Way Up North, Cowgirl Annie, On the Runway, Stella at the Broadway Diner, Dreamtime, and one of the Mothers.

Stephen Day (voice over actor)

Stephen was born and pretty much raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, CANADA where the very first check was received by Rubber Chicken Cards, serendipitous?...perhaps. Forming a string quartet with his mother, sister, and brother he performed in Mexico, where he lived on and off from age eleven to fifteen, at fifteen spent a half year chunk studying Flamenco guitar with a gypsy. Also lived in the mountains of France as a Weeeeeeee! Lad. Picked up many other instruments and musical styles along with his growing years. Traveled, toured and studied all over the planet. Moved to New York City at age 18 to study music/cello. Spent 13 years there in New York: Studied Opera singing, went to acting school, did stand up comedy, played and toured with song writers, was a member of a theater company, and wrote music for plays. Moved to Los Angeles in June 2004.

Stephen is one of the most original talents in voice over today. His career will be skyrocketing soon.

Stephen plays De la Noche, in the Coffee Shop Broadway, and The Minstrel, the Muse, the Gondolier, and the announcer in Da Sport.

Anne Cusack (voice over actor)

Raised in Evanston, Illinois she started training when she was nine at The Piven Theatre Workshop studying improvisation and Story Theater with Joyce and Bryne Piven. She received her BFA from New York Universities Tisch School of the Arts where her other influence was her teacher David Mamet. Her big "break" came when Penny Marshall cast her in the feature film A League of Their Own as the illiterate ball player "Shirley Baker." She hasn't stopped working since. She has been in films such as Multiplicity with Michael Keaton and Andie McDowell, and What Planet are You From opposite Annette Benning and Gary Shandling for director Mike Nichols. She has worked with her siblings John and Joan in Gross Pointe Blank, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and Americas Sweetheart. Currently is is featured in "The Informant" with Matt Damon. Current film credits incude Nightcrawler and Accepted.

On television a few of her credits include Close To Home, Grey's Anatomy, The Ghost Whisperer, ABC's movie of the week, Fatal Contact, Six Feet Under, Ally McBeal, Fraiser, Star Trek Enterprise, Charmed, and One Tree Hill. She has also starred in Lifetime's Maggie, NBC's The Jeff Foxworthy Show and the critical acclaimed David E. Kelly's The Brotherhood of Poland New Hampshire as Chris Penn's wife.

Anne plays Ellen in Ellen and Winsor, one of the Mothers, and Charlene the bat. Ann will surely play lots of great characters in the future.

Steve Mittleman (voice over actor)

teve Mittleman was born without a chin. It got weaker from there. It haunted him his whole life. When he was sad about it, people would ask, "Hey Steve, why the short face?" It used to take him (only) 3 - 4 hours to change a pillowcase. Then, Steve was asked to be on Extreme Makeover and was given a remarkable chin, 2 clefts and 9 dimples. His sense of humor remains intact as long as he can find it. Oddly, now that Steve is easier on the eye, he's doing voice-over work. Steve also smells like stucco which ABC used when he had his plastic surgery mistakenly done on Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Steve writes, acts and travels the country doing standup for corporate and Jewish events. You can contact him through SteveMittleman.com.

Kate Shindle (voice over actor)

Kate just opened on Broadway with one of the starring roles in Legally Blonde. Previously Kate played in the following: Cabaret (Sally Bowles, also national tour), Jekyll & Hyde (Lucy). Other NYC: A Midsummer Night's Dream (Helena), The Woman Upstairs (Kassan), and the World AIDS Day Concerts of Pippin (Leading Player) and Children of Eden (Yonah). Regional work includes After the Fall (Maggie) at the Alley, Himself and Nora (Nora) at the Old Globe, Into the Woods (Witch), First Lady Suite (Amelia Earhart), The Mousetrap (Miss Casewell), Gypsy (Louise) and others. Recordings: Till Today (solo), Christmases to Come, First Lady Suite (premiere cast recording), and the upcoming studio albums of Jekyll & Hyde and Dracula. TV/Film: Capote (Rose), The Stepford Wives (Beth Peters), As the World Turns. Random crown-related celebrity: Miss America 1998.

Kate played one of the leads in Legally blonde on Broadway and Fun Home. She just was named Sarah Siddons Society awardee.

Kate is featured in our Broadway extravaganza! Hopefully Kate will be able to play more when she has time away from the real Broadway.

Doug Wert (voice over actor)

Doug has worked many times in many places...which is excellent for paying bills. Broadway/National Tours: Take Me Out, Deathtrap Off Broadway: Fiction (Roundabout), Bad News on a Cracked Plate (A.T.A.), Passover (American Jewish Theatre) Regional Theatre: Many moments of Drama at-- Actors Theatre of Louisville, The Old Globe (SanDiego), Seattle Rep, The Wilma (Philly), Capital Rep (Albany) Film: Sixteen films- Favorites-- Murder of Crows, Red Target Telivision: Contract Roles on Four Corners, As The World Turns, One Life to Live and lots of guest spots, his favorite of which was recurring as 'Jack Crusher' on Star Trek--TNG . Doug would also like to confess that he's always been uncomfortable writing about himself in the third person.

Doug is featured in our Broadway Extravaganza.

Vanessa Marshall (voice over actor)

After attending Princeton University and NYU Graduate School for acting, Vanessa Marshall began to perform stand up and sketch comedy at the COMEDY STORE, the IMPROV & the ACME COMEDY THEATRE in Los Angeles. Currently her voice can be heard on many national network TV commercials and several cartoons. For full details, visit: www.VanessaMarshall.com.

Vanessa plays Angie the bat and will play many more in the future.

Melanie Mayron (voice over actor)

Three time nominee and Emmy Award winning actress for her role in thirtysomething, MELANIE is a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City. Upon graduation she toured the country for a year in the National Tour of GODSPELL, followed by her first co-starring role with Academy Award winning Art Carney in Paul Mazursky's HARRY & TONTO. She is probably best known however for her compelling performances in Claudia Weill's critically acclaimed independent feature, GIRLFRIENDS, for which she was nominated for a British Academy Award. Melanie was one of the regular cast members of ABC'S Emmy Award winning series, thirtysomething, receiving her three Emmy nominations and Emmy award for her work on the show.

Currently Melanie is directing her head off on shows like Jane the Virgin and Pretty Little Liars.

Melanie plays God and the Mother and will play many more in the future.

Shaw Purnell (voice over actor)

Shaw Purnell was a member of the Lexington Theatre Company in New York, where she studied with Uta Hagen.
She performed regionally and off Broadway, before moving to the West Coast with her actor husband, Bill Smitrovich, and achieving commercial fame as the Jeopardy contestant who is saved by the Taco Bell dog. Shaw is currently working in the theater and in voice overs.

Shaw plays God and one of the Mothers and will play many more in the future.

Robert Zobel (voice over actor, musician)

Sadly, Richard passed away on October 3rd, 2005. Besides being a man of vast talents, he sang, he played many instruments, he wrote scripts, did animation, and played so many of these characters, from Cowboy Bob, to Eddie, to Dottie Rat, he was also a great friend who would listen for hours and hours to mere gibberish.

Richard is and will be forever sorely missed in this project of the heart. He is survived by his wife Tania and his creative, wonderful, and beautiful daughter, Kaziah Raymonde.

Richard played the early versions of the following roles: Cowboy Bob, Jack, Bad Cop, a Flashback Boy, Tony the Bat, Woody Guppie, Eddie, Nostradamus, Happy Hour Dog, Lonnie the Biker, Reporter in Dah Sport and Dah Sportess, guests on the Translator, guests on Dr. Maybaum, Barry the Loungeman, Donner, Furball Frannie, Jimmy Breeder, McDoodle, Poet Laureate, Dottie Rat, Randy the Beaver, Wizard, one of the Two Fools, and Tone the Beatnik.

Ron Feuer (composer)

We are extremely happy to have Ron Feuer join us as a composer of original songs for many of our new greeting cards. Ron's impressive list of credits encompasses many styles and areas of music. Years of recordings, studio work, film and television, plus live shows and concerts with Elvis Presley, Diana Ross, Ann Margret, Gladys Knight, Olivia Newton John, Liza Minelli and many other performing artists have molded Ron into the ultimate musician's musician. By the way, Ron is the featured jazz piano soloist on the soundtrack of the recent award winning movie Sideways.

"I am thrilled to be working with my good friend Steve Rotblatt. Many times we discussed how we could collaborate artistically on a project together and rubberchickencards has become the perfect vehicle for it."

MariaJose Molina - Lead Animator (animator)

Born and raised in Guatemala. She studied at the Instituto Maria Auxiliadora to become an Elementary School Teacher. At the age of 21, she moved with her sister to Los Angeles, California. Originally her plan was to experience life in America for six months but she decided to stay longer in the US and attend the Academy of Entertainment and Technology and get certified in 2D and 3D Animation. She always loved old school cartoons and becoming an animator was one of many dreams. At AET she met Steven Rotblatt, her Flash Animation teacher, who gave her the opportunity to be an Intern at his company Rubber Chicken Cards, where she became part of the staff a few months later. Maria Jose loves art, humor, color, drawing, software, gadgets, computers, music, dance, fitness, nutrition, sunshine, nature, teaching, languages, health and personal development books. Her goal is to teach fitness, nutrition and personal growth through videos and animated clips to make the learning process fun for kids and adults. And she wants to do it in Spanish, English, Italian and Portuguese! Does that sound crazy? We’ll see… Some of the original work she created for Rubber Chicken Cards includes the Rube Goldberg e-cards for “4th of July," “Thank You” and Veronique, the French Canadian waitress.

Carlos Gonzales (animator)

I am part of a lucky few that get to do what they love for a living! In my case that is Drawing Cartoons! As a kid I was amazed grown-ups earned a living making all the cool cartoons that I loved to watch. My Parents would tell me ‘Work Hard and Dream Big’ and they pushed me to push my pencil. Long story short: I went to art school, got a degree and now living my dream! Thanks Mom & Pop! Aside from animating long into the night my time is THOUGHTFULLY divided between Video Games and Dragon Slaying. I have an addiction to Cool Stuff and Gadgets and thankfully my boss, Mr. Rotblatt, has been very supportive through my struggle with this nasty, nasty addiction.

Carlos has moved on and has been working as a director for Bo Jack Horseman and the new Mike Judge animated project. He is a brilliant animator and has remained a great friend to Rubber Chicken Cards. He years with us helped us to create a high standard of animation.

Kelly Wine (animator)

Born and raised in Southern California, Kelly started drawing cartoon characters as a boy and continued his formal art training throughout high school and college. After graduating he went on to have success as a realistic watercolor artist having works exhibited in esteemed juried shows such as The National Watercolor Society and Watercolor West. In the late 1990's, he worked as a Texture Map Artist at a video game company in Irvine, California and received much of his digital art training there. Kelly has worked as a freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer for over 15 years. Wanting to continue his digital art training, he took several courses at the Santa Monica College, Art & Entertainment campus where he learned Flash from Steve Rotblatt. Kelly was hired as an animator at Rubber Chicken Cards in 2008 and loves hanging with the animation team and creating works that make people laugh. He lives in Santa Monica with his partner Joe and in his free time enjoys photography, drawing odd characters, music, film, and being a tea snob.

Kelly, like Carlos, has moved on from Rubber Chicken Cards, thouogh he comes back from time to time to do some character work and animation. Like Carlos he is a friend and we honor his contribution to our effort. He is currently working on the new Mike Judge project and background for Bo Jack Horseman.

Mayra Guerrero (Animator)

As a kid, I loved watching cartoons. I would make sure to get up early to watch my Saturday morning cartoons and thought, 'I want to do that'!. My love for cartoons expanded to movies and television as well. I wanted to learn how to draw and make characters move; how movies and TV shows are actually made. I knew I wanted to be part of that world, in some form or another. I enrolled at Cal State LA University as an art major and took Steve Rotblatt’s storyboard class. He encouraged me to keep practicing my drawing and to enroll in his Flash class. I did and the next thing I knew, I was here, finally, after many years of hard work. I’m getting to do something I love for a living!. In my spare time I love to draw, read books, watch movies/tv shows, listen to music and spend time with my friends and family."

Mayra has moved on and is working for Renagade animation for ABC Mouse. Mayra is one of the most fun people on Earth, always smiling and laughing her brilliant laugh.

Rich Flanders

Rich Flanders ("Cowboy Bob," "Woody Guppie") appeared on Broadway in the long running musical, "Shenandoah," toured in the First National Company of "Annie," and has appeared in repertory, stock and dinner theatre companies around the country. His recent CD, "Yondering," is an album of classic western songs of earth, sky, and the great lone places. "Yondering reaches deep into the heart, bringing a sense of peace in an unsettling world." (Musical Medicine Newsletter, Inner Harmony Health Center) When Steve, the "head chicken," heard "Yondering," he invited Rich to join the merry band at Rubber Chicken. "Helping to create heartful music and laughs with some of the zaniest folks on the planet is about as good as it gets," Rich says. "Anyway, it beats tending cattle."

The instrumental accompaniment on "Cowboy Bob" and "Woody Guppie" is provided by gifted songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Ken DeAngelis. Ken and his wife, soprano Julie Ziavras of JAZ Music Productions, also produced "Yondering" and are featured on it.

Dismount and set a spell at www.richflanders.com

Daniel Tyreus - CTO Rubber Chicken Cards (Technical Consulting)

Daniel is the founder and principal consultant of Synclab Consulting LLC. Since 2003, Synclab has been providing web and database development, server management, and technical consulting services to Rubber Chicken Cards.

Daniel has been doing software development for over 20 years and particularly enjoys unusual and challenging projects. Synclab provides consulting and custom software development services to a wide range of small and medium sized businesses.

On a personal note, Chief Chicken here, Dan has worked with Rubber Chicken Cards almost from the beginning and has become a great friend and partner in the cause. Without him we would be limping along.