being happy is the best revenge - Guptah

I am open to lots of money - The Cuban Muse

Its just change - The Cuban Muse

I deserve what is great in life -The cuban muse

Master of fate -The cuban muse

no negativity - The cuban muse

Attitude and life -Guptah

your home is filled with bliss - Guptah

Peach and ease - guptah

better everyday - Guptah

release fear - Guptah

forgivenss is everything -guptah

move forward - Guptah

The body always knows _ Guptah

the past - Guptah

everyday I start fresh- Guptah

Perfect life _ Guptah

Positive Change - Guptah

The good stuff - Guptah

taking it too seriously - Guptah

Different and special _ Guptah

universal support - Guptah

wealth in your life - Guptah

life is simple - Guptah

Be here now - The Rabbi

Bless each bite - "Guptah"

Affirmation - "Guptah"

Illume my Heart - "Guptah"

Radiate awesomeness - "Louise the Angel"

Another Ball - Tennis

Doubles partner - Tennis

Quality of Day - "Thoreau"

I did it - "Guptah"

Me - "Jenny Sue"

Stress - "Guptah"

Negativity - "Kimmie"

Courage - "Bad Cop"

Trust - "Capt. Benjamin"

Heaven - "Louise"

Mistakes - "Master Liu"

Heaven - "Louise the Angel"

Let Go - "Master Liu"

Attitude - "Master Liu"

Works out - "Stinky Dog"

Deserve to be Happy - "Guptah"

Try Again - "Mary Margaret"

Grass Greener - "Sister Mary"

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