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So, who are some of the people who LOVE Rubber Chicken Cards?

Well, here's your chance to meet some of the adoring, and AWESOME Fans of Rubber Chicken Cards and hear what they have to say!

To whom this may concern, (and doesn't fun concern US ALL?)

I have happily sent many Rubber Chicken Cards to friends and family since I first discovered them a year ago. (I even sent one to a business colleague recently, though I realize I may be passing an important boundary here.) I am especially fond of Louise, the correspondence angel and Psychick. Their wacky appearance, voice and dialect always make me laugh. Not to mention their uplifting (but still fairly wacky) messages. I believe they work the same magic on those I wish to amuse. Their messages seem to coincide with the ones I would concoct if I were more open to my daffy side. Thanks for sharing yours!

Jody Bard

You guys are a hoot...or a real cackle! We are thinking you are having way too much fun! Really, really creative! Keep them coming! It's like an addiction. We sit up at night thinking of people to send them to...people we don't even know are getting rubberchickencards. My friends are joining your service and loving it, too! Keep the cards coming! I love Ellen and Windsor! Can we see some more of them?

Thanks! :-)

Julie & Dave Carlton, MN

I personally enjoy how Rubber Chicken explores different styles, manners of execution, and techniques--regardless of the subject manner. Their manner of expression is quite unique and gifted.... It is hard to step out of the box sometimes, they live outside the box..... Their unusual way of delivery opens a new door of creative thinking... Bravo!

Joanne Jenio, Vice President, WhoopAss Poker.

Can't say enough about this site..I absolutely LOVE it & so do all the other chicken lovers I send your fab cards too!..I have my favorites..but look forward to all the new ones you all create out there in the henhouse!!..

This is one site that will make ya laugh..even on those days that ya feel it just isn't worth getting up at the crack of dawn & listen to that ol' rooster crow his face off!!!

Ya gotta love this site!!!..(bet ya can't tell I do!!)..ya gotta check it out..so, get back to the henhouse..& start viewing some of these WONDERFUL & IMAGINATIVE creations!!..well..either that or start laying eggs!!!

If these cards don't make ya laugh..than..well..basically you ain't never goin' cross that road cuz this site is WHY the chicken crossed the ol' proverbial road!!...LOL!!!

Live Love LAUGH!! Carol from Canada

I'd like to say that your cards have made so many people happy over the past few years. I can not begin to list how many times I have been at a loss for words but needed to quickly reach out to someone to let them know I cared. Louise and Fanny and Gupta and Hot Lips and all the others have more than once saved my butt, since I probably would not have had taken the time to go searching the stores for the perfect card...not to mention the fact that many of my friends live far away, so by the time they would receive it by snail mail, it would be way too overdue. So thanks for being there, and for creating characters that can speak for me! (And yes, even Stinky Dog on occasion.)

Pat, Haverhill, Massachusetts.

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEE Rubber Chicken cards...sorry it took me so long to buy a membership! I haven't sent ANY E-cards since your Frankie & Eddie Birthday card went Premium! So now I have a membership and I can send that same ridiculous card to all my birthday friends! Only, now, I have many more funny cards to choose from! You guys are great!

Thanks for all the laughs!

Liz and Ed Cary, Hebbronville, Texas

I signed up yesterday, and just want to say I Love The Site. So far I have about 10 favorite characters, and hope they will always be available, and that you expand their selection. One of the first ones I opened, I loved, Broadway Show Tunes, and would love to see more from these two in the same setting. Current favorites (just for you information) Bats Inna Belfry, Breeder Brothers, again Broadway show tunes, Donner and Blitzen, another big favorite is Frankie and Eddie, Good Cop-Bad Cop, Louise the Angel, Psychick, and Sister Mary Margaret. Thank you so much for your creativity and the laughs you bring.

Andy Tarsia

I started using Rubber Chicken cards because of Cowboy Bob and joined up and have never been sorry. I can't tell you how many of my friends THANK me for the ecards I send from Rubber Chicken. You make me look like a comic genius, an extension of the bizarre little ol' retired teacher/librarian Granny that I am. Just accept my thanks for the creative genius of Rubber Chicken. The sense of humor Rubber Chicken cards convey makes any occasion a better one.

Oh, but don't forget that I want you to create something for Cinco de Mayo , a REALLY important day here in Texas . I noted your bilingual efforts and newer character, De La Niche. These are noble entries into the marvelous Hispanic world of friends whom I love.

Sincerest regards from a very satisfied customer/member,

Dianne S. Meyer

A year and 1/2 ago I was looking for a Funny Birthday card. Not finding any that were "good enough" on the usual sites, I did a search called, "Funny Birthday ecards" - and up popped Rubber Chicken. Little did I know I had just found a GOLD MINE for ALL HOLIDAYS !! There is not an event that goes by that I don't use them -- and on the "odd" occassion I decide to send a nice card from one of the other ecard places, I get disappointed emails back saying, "Hey, where is my REAL card?" Rubber Chicken is the GREATEST...and only keeps getting better as they add new skits to send off.

A happy sender... Lara, Los Angeles, CA

I am so tired of all these boring cards that try to be funny! Rubber Chicken is SUCH A RELIEF! These cards and these characters are so creative and SSSOOO funny! I am so happy with my membership and I look for new cards all the time. My friends and my family LOVE getting these cards! I send them not only for Holidays and Birthdays, but just to say hi to people back home who I don’t get to see.

Frankie and Eddie’s Just Checking in was one for the first cards I sent to my family, and ever since they are hooked!

I love it! I don’t need to make trips to Hallmark EVER AGAIN!!!

Thanks so much for sharing your humor and talents!

Keep the Creative juices flowing!

Laurie, Los Angeles, CA

Your cards are by far the best, the funniest and the most well written cards with the wittiest of humor I have ever read. God if your spirits are ever low just go to rubberchickencards.com and look at a few. I have never laughed so hard. Thanks rubber chicken card people your the best. Is it true that you all dress up like rubber chickens when you write this stuff ?

Suzanne Newman, Princeton, NJ

I think you’re cards are AWESOME! Me and my friends send them to each other all the time – Holidays or not! Sometimes we’ll be hanging out and just hop on to watch a few just to laugh! I’d say my fave’s are Flashback boys, Frankie and Eddie and Puss Keep up the Awesome work!

Ben, Highland, IN