beer gets you laid - Da Sport

What has 148 teeth... - Da Sport

If you were a booger - frankie

Bridge and Sex are similar - Aunt Gloria

Forget world peace - Hotlips

do i know you -Jenny Sue

you are finer than...-Jenny Sue

I'm over you - Kimmie the Juice Girl

practice safe sex - Oden

taste the rainbow

Let me hump your leg - Stinky Dog

you and I - Tone

what's your sign? - Twinky

Relationships - zurxeez

Gluten free women

nice ass - ment without filters

nipple - ment without filters

I could have had better

i dont like you - hotlips

the one that didnt get away - Jenny Sue

cat fights - Stinky Dog

purity balls - Twinky

Dating - "Roadshow"

Marshmallows - "You are the..."

Punching Bag - "Puss"

Looking - "Hotlips"

Relationship - "Selma"

Halloween - "Gloria"

Snack - "Jenny Sue"

Genitals - "Long in Tooth Fairy"

Find each other - "Master Liu"

Sandwich - "Men Without Filters"

Hamburger - "Dale Vacwit"

Sex Object - "Da Sport"

Like you a lot - "Jenny Sue"

Doggie Style - "Stinky Dog"

You're Hot - "Twinky"

Up the Food Chain - "Hotlips"

Bat Crazy - "Jenny Sue"

Flirting - "Jenny Sue"

Craigslist - "Selma Goldfarb"

Call Back - "Twinkie"