Birthday Social Media Cards

Old on my Birthday


Thanks Birthday

Wrinkles - "Long in the tooth Fairy"

Introducing _ "Long in Tooth Fairy"

Birthday - "Hotlips"

Slab - "Autopsy"

Lies - "Most Common Lies"

Belated Birthday - "Dale Vacwit"

Have sex on your birthday - Stinky Dog

Coupons - "Birthday Beverage"

I love Birthdays - Aunt Gloria

its not daily stress and time - Sarah

Jewish Homeopathy - The Rabbi

I brought eyebags - beezlebob

hatched not born - the donald

chinese scholor - Zurxeez

Father time did a number on your face - Twinky

just like a banana - Tone

in dog years - Stinky Dog

the gift i didnt give you - Puss

age is relevant only when ... - The Muse

your not over the hill yet - Master Liu

forget the past and present - Master Liu

congratulations on another year - Louise the Angel

on life - Julia Child

I didnt forget your birthday - Aunt Gloria

your warranty is up- Frankie