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Admin Assistants Day (8)

Funny animated greeting card for Administrative Assistant's day.

Admin Assistant's Day - "Taco Truck"
Views: 6732
At the taco truck, the magical taco guy creates a beautiful meal of love and appreciation for the Administrative Professional.
Admin Assistant's Day - "Flashback Boys"
Views: 4674
The boys that share one brain cell between them grapple with how to thank people who are more important than the pay we offer them.
Administrative Assistant's Day - "Guptah"
Views: 6890
The QuikMart sage opens the heart of the Universe to honor the Administrative Assistant.
Admin. Assistant Day - "Flight Attendant"
Views: 8189
Jenny Sue congratulates all Administrative Assistants for a job well done, while telling a very revealing story about the captain.
Administrative Assistant - "Psychick"
Views: 8063
Our Lady of the Spirit World gets the message of appreciation from all the floating administrative assistants.
Admin Assistant's Day - "Sarah"
Views: 6924
Sarah, the deeply grumpy Southern belle, finds it in her to honor the Administrative professional.
Administrative Assistant's Day - "Aunt Gloria"
Views: 6992
Aunt Gloria extolls the advancement that is being made in the respect due to Administrative Professionals.
Admin Assistant's Day - "Louise the Angel"
Views: 6632
Louise the Angel is celebrating Admin Professional's Day because that's what she is in heaven.
Administrative Assistant's cards

A Rose By Any Name

Also known as: "Administrative Professional's Day" or "Admin Day", this is the day that we celebrate the amazing support provided by dedicated staff professionals in offices all over the world. It's a day to sing the praises of these unsung heroes who spend their days (and some nights) up to their necks composing emails, replying to text messages, and questioning why they learned to take shorthand.

We'd Like to Add Our Two Cents

As office staff's responsibilities increase exponentially to keep pace with our more technically advanced work places, so too does the very name of this "unofficial secular holiday" change, in an attempt to acknowledge the ever-increasing scope these jobs entail.

Like "The Sixth Sense" Blooper Reel

You know this. Your work place would be a very lonely place with just you, the boss, trying to run it alone. Imagine: Answering your own phones?!? Which button do you push to put someone on hold? Damn, I hope they call back! What's the time difference between here and Tempe, Arizona? How the do you spell "Tempe"? Help, Siri, help!!!! Yikes!

Mary & C. King Started it!

The idea of Administrative Assistant's Day began with Mary Barrett and C. King Woodbridge. They thought up the "holiday" while serving on a council that was trying to cope with a national shortage of skilled office workers. Nowadays, they'd just log on to LinkeIn!. But together with Victor Toldoya, they created a way for business owners to say "thank you" to their staff.

Extra-Long Lunch Breaks

What better way to celebrate than by sending one of our specially created Cards just for this occasion?! After all, it's one of the few in-office celebrations that doesn't involve sheet cake! So, tell your staff you appreciate them and send them all a Rubber Chicken eCard.

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