Birthday 40 (16)

Happy 21st Birthday

So You've Just Had Your 40th Birthday! Woot!

Ya, know. You can say that 40 is the new 20 all you want, but most of us don't feel that way. For most people the eyes are starting to dim, just a jot, and the stomach is more like a drape for a puppet show. So for most humans, 40 is the same old 40.

But We Don't Need to Fell Like That!

Time to whip out the Tony Robbin's tapes and make the 40 the new 20. Alchemy can happen, and with a little bit of perspective this could be the best birthday of your life.

The Way Forward

People love their 40s. The kids are older, if you have them. The body is still kickin' and hoppin'. Opportunities abound in this world. The World is your oyster. Come on, let's do this.

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