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Aunt Gloria (35)

Your Aunt Gloria sits in her house waiting for you to come over and spend some time with her. She is wise and funny and filled with stories about her life and loves. These sweet and fun cards are voiced by the amazing Charlie Adler (Emmy Award Winner).

Rosh Hashanah
Views: 4943
Aunt Gloria tells the story of her first and second Rosh Hashanah celebrations
Fourth of July - "Aunt Gloria"
Views: 6050
Aunt Gloria's love for her adopted country, the USA, is full of hope and history
Anniversary - "Aunt Gloria"
Views: 7868
Aunt Gloria is sooooo very happy and honored to have you in her home for your anniversary. She lays out good food and pithy conversation.
Nurse's Day - "Aunt Gloria"
Views: 5168
Aunt Gloria celebrates Nurses and reveals that she was once a nurse herself.
Easter - "Aunt Gloria"
Views: 4161
Aunt Gloria celebrates her journey toward honoring all holidays.
Passover - "Aunt Gloria"
Views: 8974
Aunt Gloria welcomes us into her home on Passover, gushing with love and just a little guilt.
Birthday - "Aunt Gloria"
Views: 7666
In this birthday ecard, Aunt gloria is so excited that you came over to her house to celebrate your birthday.
Grandparent's Day - "Aunt Gloria"
Views: 6147
Aunt Gloria, though not a grandparent herself, revels in love.
Boss' Day - "Aunt Gloria"
Views: 4829
Turns out that your Aunt Gloria was an owner of restaurants and a bar. She knows what it means to be a boss.
Halloween - "Aunt Gloria"
Views: 5209
Aunt Gloria is so very happy that you have come to her house on halloween dressed up and ready to roll.
Hanukkah - "Aunt Gloria"
Views: 6783
Aunt Gloria loves the members of her family so much that she makes a Hanukkah dinner and serves it with kisses.
Christmas - "Aunt Gloria"
Views: 7599
Aunt Gloria understands that though Christmas is not a Jewish holiday it is about love. And love we can all celebrate.
Boxing Day - "Aunt Gloria"
Views: 8589
Aunt Gloria is so proud of her visitor who gives to the poor on Boxing Day.
Shavuot - "Aunt Gloria"
Views: 7491
Aunt Gloria, giving all the love she can, honors Ruth and and a life of milk and honey.
Women's Equality Day - "Aunt Gloria"
Views: 8419
Aunt Gloria entertains a strong young women and tells her the story of how she had to fight for equality in her own home.
Martin Luther King - "Aunt Gloria"
Views: 5370
Aunt Gloria welcomes us to her house for MLK day to tell us that she knew him first hand.
Administrative Assistant's Day - "Aunt Gloria"
Views: 7895
Aunt Gloria extolls the advancement that is being made in the respect due to Administrative Professionals.
Daylight Savings - "Aunt Gloria"
Views: 8861
We come to Aunt Gloria's house to eat and hear words of wisdom from someone who has been through it all.
Mother's Day - "Aunt Gloria"
Views: 6531
When you go to Aunt Gloria's house on Mother's Day all you get is love.
Purim - "Aunt Gloria"
Views: 5120
Aunt Gloria is so happy that we have come to her house on Purim, the day that commemorates the destruction of Hamen.
Spring - "Aunt Gloria"
Views: 8010
Aunt Gloria remebers when her husband, God rest his soul, asked her to marry him on the first day of spring many, many years ago.
Sukkot - "Aunt Gloria"
Views: 7649
Aunt Gloria has us over for Sukkot to ply us with stuffed foods and her vast love.
Yom Kippur - "Aunt Gloria"
Views: 5830
We are at Aunt Gloria's house for the highest of Holy Days, Yom Kippur. We fast together and refresh ourselves for the new year.
Valentine's Day - "Aunt Gloria"
Views: 7561
Aunt Gloria is so delighted that you came over to her house on Valentine's Day that she plies you with stories of her past and with sweets.
Tu Bishvat - "Aunt Gloria"
Views: 7624
It is so wonderful to be with Aunt Gloria on the Jewish Arbor Day.
St. Patrick's Day - "Aunt Gloria"
Views: 8246
Aunt Gloria just loves that her family member has come to see her on St. Patrick's Day. Time to get smashed!
Get Well - "Aunt Gloria"
Views: 8792
Aunt Gloria awaits someone who now can't come over because they are sick.
New Baby - "Aunt Gloria"
Views: 8136
Aunt Gloria welcomes her relative wiith her new baby to the house. Love and affection follow.
Arbor Day - "Aunt Gloria"
Views: 6683
Aunt Gloria extolls the beauty of trees and bemoans the destruction of the environment.
Congratulations - "Aunt Gloria"
Views: 4818
Your Aunt Gloria is absolutly ecstatic about your success.
Birthday (to Daughter) - "Aunt Gloria"
Views: 8329
Aunt Gloria is bubbling over with excitement that a daughter is coming over to her house to celebrate a birthday!!
Memorial Day - "Aunt Gloria"
Views: 8434
We are over at Aunt Gloria's house for Memorial Day. She is serving wisdom and snacks.
Mardi Gras - "Aunt Gloria"
Views: 7162
Aunt Gloria is still wild on Mardi Gras after all these years. Come on, let's dance naked with her.
Earth Day - "Aunt Gloria"
Views: 6813
Earth Day - "Aunt Gloria"
Father's Day - Aunt Gloria
Views: 4224
Aunt Gloria's father was not the best, but she knows your father, and she thinks he is amazing.