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Encouragement (13)

Send a funny animated Encouragment Ecards from Rubber Chicken Cards

This high-quality Encouragement ecard stars "The Psychick"
Views: 4772
Our lady of the Spirit World contacts the spirits of men and women who have triumphed over great odds and become stronger.
This quality Encouragement ecard stars "The Muse"
Views: 4687
The Cuban Muse appears just when you need encouragement.
This Musical Encouragement ecard is a "Broadway" card
Views: 4378
Dave is a little down feelin' in the diner and Rusty lifts his spirits with a song. Be aware, longer download on this one.
This spiritual Encouragement ecard stars "Guptah"
Views: 7380
The local wise woman provides the inner answer to an emotional dip.
This Angel Encouragement e card stars "Louise the Angel"
Views: 8336
Louise, the personal angel, tells her story about a lost halo in order to help someone over life's bumps.
This motivation Encouragement ecard is one of our "Sweet Chicken" Cards
Views: 6616
In this heartfelt ecard, words, music, and images deliver encouragement and love.
This funny Encouragement ecard stars The "Psychick"
Views: 8442
The Lady of the Spirit channels people who have gone through hard times and achieved success.
This Virtual Encouragement ecard stars "Breeder Brothers"
Views: 4016
Our almost savvy backwoods boys pump out some advice on how to weather a major downturn in life.
This Premium Encouragement ecard stars "Selma Goldfarb"
Views: 8773
The great talent agent helps her client through a rough emotional time with some DVDs.
This Cat Encouragement ecard stars "Puss"
Views: 8732
The upbeat though roughed-up kitty gets through a very hard time.
This online Encouragement card stars "Sarah"
Views: 4597
Our cranky Southern Lady tells how to get over feeling a little emotionally rocky.
I hate work - "Broadway"
Views: 4021
Stella, the counter gal at the diner, tries to help Dave fell better about the job that he hates.
This unique Encouragement e cards stars "Furball Franny"
Views: 6757
The dainty kitty and spits up furballs gives great encouragement to someone going through a hard time.


Encouragement! So important for the human psyche. Life can be hard with its ups and downs, bumps and challenges. We all know somebody who's been toting a dark self-loathing cloud about their heads. Perhaps someone dear to you is going through a rough period, or your neighbor is stepping outside of their comfort zone by taking a laundry folding course.

Just a Little Bit

Every once in a while, most people need a little bit of encouragement! actually most people need it most of the time. They need kind, loving words such as "don't beat yourself up, nobody's perfect, so get over it!, or "Everybody goes through that, so stop thinking you are so special", or Quit romanticizing your depression, and smile once in a while.

Believing in Yourself

Everyone thinks that their burden is the heaviest, even the most competent people need to be validated and told they can do it! Inside of all of us is a child that needs a little prodding, validation and persuading. As adults, we generally don't want to be coddled like children (or maybe we do), but we still wish to have a community - no matter how big or small - believing in us. Even one person, or positive effort can make a difference.

A Special Gift

That's what makes Rubber Chicken ecards so special, one card from us can send the person into a rapture of confidence. Can you imagine giving someone that kind of support along with a huge side order of laughter? The word encouragement means to instill someone with courage or confidence, particularly when they're going through a hard, semi-hard, or soft ripened time in their life. Some folks need support constantly in order to keep going in life. Encouragement ecards are best to give during such times of hardship.

Lightening the Load

One of the best things about our Rubber Chicken cards is that they are meant to inspire, uplift, and delight! Your recipient is sure to snigger, guffaw upon receiving these quirky bits of advice and kind words from the Rubber Chicken characters such as The Breeder Brothers, The Muse, and Puss just to name a few. From quite hilarious to plain sweet, our cards are versatile enough to suit the tastes of mostly anyone in your acquaintance, even for those people who are a little more sensitive then others. Give the gift of an uplifting word and a friendly sentiment through the best Encouragement cards online at Rubber Chicken.

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