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Sister Mary Margaret (26)

The sweet sister with visions

"Sister Mary" (cc) stars in this humorous animated birthday card.
Views: 6347
In this birthday eCard for deaf or hard of hearing, the heavenly Sister Mary Margaret has a vision of an amazing birthday celebration.
Send this spiritual 50th birthday ecard starring "Sister Mary Margaret"
Views: 8114
Sister Mary Margaret, after a fund-raiser for potted plants, has a vision of God telling her about 50th birthdays.
Christmas #2 - "Sister Mary Margaret"
Views: 4250
The good Sister has a vision of the Lord and the animal kingdom on Christmas.
Shop our funny Boss' Day ecard #2 starring "Sister Mary"
Views: 5308
Sister Mary Margaret, her 2nd Boss' Day Card-toon, is about to be elected to a leadership position and she learns a valuable lesson about power from God.
Send this religious thank you ecard starring Sister Mary Margaret
Views: 4813
In this thank you ecard, the earnest Sister Mary is so caught up with guilt over not thanking her friends she falls off a cliff and has a wonderful "Thank You" adventure.
This spiritual Halloween ecard stars "Sister Mary Margaret"
Views: 4920
On her way back to the convent through the woods, Sister Mary is beset by scary trick or treaters.
Hanukkah and Christmas ecard with "Sister Mary Margaret"
Views: 5491
The good nun has a vision and a chat with God about the meaning of Hanukkah.
Christmas - "Sister Mary Margaret"
Views: 6807
Our Sister of the Convent has another vision, this time of the birth of Christ and the manger.
Thinking of You - "Sister Mary Margaret"
Views: 7907
Sister Mary Margaret, filled with a morning vision, gets a message to keep in touch.
Happy Holiday - "Sister Mary Margaret"
Views: 5799
Sister Mary Margaret,The Nun of Hallucinatory Habits, has a wee bit of a story ta tell ya ...don???t ya know.
Pensando en ti - "Sor Maria Margarita"
Views: 4081
Sor Mar?a Margarita, llena de visi?n, recibe un mensaje para comunicarse.
Valentine's Day - "Sister Mary Margaret"
Views: 7099
Sister Mary has a vision of a giant heart popping out of the ground on Valentine's Day.
Just Checking In - "Sister Mary Margaret"
Views: 6862
Taking a walk, Sister Mary has a vision of her new mission, to keep in touch with her friend.
In this online get well ecard, Sister Mary Margaret, learns a lesson from God about health and kindness.
Views: 7949
Sister Mary has a vision that leads her to the understanding that all of us can help heal our friends and family.
Veteran's Day - "Sister Mary Margaret"
Views: 4096
The Sister who sees visions, has a great one about how she is to give thanks on Veteran's Day.
This Spiritual Boss Day ecard stars "Sister Mary Margaret"
Views: 5905
The lady of the cloth has a vision of the "Boss" of us all.
Virtual Thanksgiving ecard stars "Sister Mary Margaret"
Views: 7410
The good sister, a little ungrateful on Thanksgiving, has a vision that sets her thinking straight.
St. Patrick's Day - "Sister Mary Margaret"
Views: 8197
The good Sister has a vision of a huge Leprechaun, a rainbow, and God Himself, leading to a deep lesson on life and happiness.
Send this Christian Father's Day ecard starring "Sister Mary Margaret"
Views: 4738
Sister Mary racks her mind as to what to get the real "Father" for father's day... and He tells her directly.
Mother's Day - "Sister Mary Margaret"
Views: 6432
The good sister is taught a lesson in love at the convent.
Valentine's Day #2 - "Sister Mary Margaret"
Views: 4738
Sister Mary Margaret has a vision of cupid and the Lord himself telling her about Universal Love.
Good Luck - "Sister Mary Margaret"
Views: 8058
The good sister has an experience of Good Luck in bad times.
Earth Day - "Sister Mary"
Views: 4973
Sister Mary, on Earth Day, after a celebration, trips and ends up in a vision, floating on a sea of trash. God then lets her know that she can do something about it.
Groundhog's Day - "Sister Mary Margaret"
Views: 5744
The eccentric Sister Mary Margaget meets a God-like Groundhog after an accident.
"Sister Mary Margaret" stars in this electronic Memorial Day ecard
Views: 4476
Sister Mary Margaret is called by the head Eagle to create a memorial of her own to honor those who have fallen.
Valentine's Day #3 - "Sister Mary Margaret"
Views: 5828
The visionary nun, Sister Mary Margaret, goes on a frightening journey to Himself to discover how to give her love on Valentine's Day.