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Missing You (2)

Reach out and tell someone you miss them with a Missing You ecard

Missing You - "Guptah"
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The wondrous Quik Mart Sage has her experience that a person is never missed because we are all one.
Missing You - "Woody Guppie"
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The folksinging fish sings a lament about being so far away set to the tune of Shenandoah. Extra big file so it will need broadband size capability to download.
 Missing You

We're Apart

When you told me you were moving to Miami for a really good new job I Googled the air fare, train fare, bus fare, and checked my 98 Toyota corolla's spare tire. The spare was in good shape. The other four...not so much. And the air and train fare kinda turned my tum and the bus fare...tho not as pricey...the one I could afford...well it's route sort of tours the entire country before arriving in downtown Yeehaw Junction which I am given to understand isn't in any way or shape or form the same place.

Too Far Away

You could have knocked me over with a feather when I charted the country's map and found out just how many miles away you were gonna be. So I sat down in the stairwell and started to miss you and everything about you. Just to try to get used to the feeling of not having you close by enough to come over for a cup of coffee or to have someone to watch Hobbit reruns with just because even tho you can't stand them you knew I really like them but needed company to watch. And Sunday morning breakfast's at Maggie's Egg and I...'cause even tho you are allergic to eggs you knew a once a week omelet for me was a super special deal and you would order french toast and we'd hope you wouldn't blow up like a red balloon.

Our Favorite Things

And of course my nose was as big and red as Bozo's when the doorbell rang and you were standing there to take me to Maggie's even tho it wasn't Sunday and told me how you'd decided we should do all our favorite things together at least twice before you had to move so that we could store up all the fun and over breakfast you told me about wifi and that I could email you from Maggie's any day of the week and that your new company had got you the new cellphone plan that allows you a bazillion free long distance phone calls and that you would be checking in with me to tell me all about Miami and I was 'sposed to keep you up to date about Hornstooth, Minnesota and everybody in it.


So like it or not we are grown ups. We all know there comes a time in everyone's life when people get parted from the folks they love. Sometimes they need to go take care of a family member or hop onto a new career...or any career. Sometimes they need a change to shake up their life and set themselves on a new path but that doesn't mean they don't care for you anymore and won't miss you just as much as you will miss them. Whether this person is a significant other, a dearly beloved friend, or a super sibling the ache you feel when parted from them incites the exact same sentiment.

Yes, You Will Miss Them

You miss them even before they leave and every day after and there could be times when you think you just won't be able to bear being so far from the friendship, caring, laughter and love that that you fear distance will diminish.

We Know Stuff

We here at Rubber Chicken Cards know all about missing folks and understand that a person's feelings can't be known unless they are expressed. So we've come up with the best darn Missing You cards to send to your far away friends and family so they know exactly how you feel about them in superlative seconds. That you miss them. That they are missed and that you need to keep in touch cause life without their stupid jokes is too darn dreary.

Funny and Kind

Our RCC E Cards are funny enough that they will ensure that the feelings you share will keep you in contact and up to date with folk's adventures and lives and allow for a very special expression of who they have been and who they always will be to you and help to keep the warmth and admiration mutual for a very very long time.

Orange Light

CAUTION: You may want to make sure that the card you are sending is appropriate for the relationship you have with the recipient, or your boss might just get the wrong message - literally and figuratively. For instance...Don't tell your brother you miss the stink of his socks.
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