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Birthday 50th Greeting Cards - Funny ecard (31)

Send a funny animated happy 50th Birthday greeting card or ecard. Make them laugh at turning 50 and being over the hill. Show your best wishes from Rubber Chicken.

Send this funny 50th Birthday ecard starring "Sarah"
Views: 7767
Sarah, the spicy Southern Belle, has some thoughts about turning 50.
In this happy birthday 50th birthday ecard Vinnie is feeling really low about getting older.
Views: 6179
It is Vinnie's 50th birthday and Sofie, his wife, tries to make it the best it can be.
Birthday - "Flight Attendant"
Views: 8118
In this birthday eCard, Jenny Sue throws a surprise birthday party aboard the plane.
Send this sweet Birthday Rube Goldberg #2 to just about anyone.
Views: 8334
In this Rube Goldberg Birthday ecard homage, an intricate series of events sets off the blowing out of a candle.
This Sweet online ecard is a Rube Goldberg Machine homage.
Views: 4181
In our third Rube Goldberg homage birthday machine, a complicated series of events end up in a candle blowing out.
Birthday - "The Muse"
Views: 8646
In this birthday eCard, the Muse, a Cuban gent who loves the good life, appears when you need him for inspiration on a birthday.
Birthday - "Bongo and Tone"
Views: 6363
In this musical birthday eCard, the Beatniks burble and moan a birthday beat musical poem.
Birthday - "Angel Moon McFadden"
Views: 7979
In this birthday eCard, our Scottish Angel, Moon McFadden, has a fresh idea on how to celebrate a birthday.
Birthday 50th - "Flashback Boys"
Views: 6342
The stoner boys, with nerry a practical thought between them, attempt to decide the importance of the 50th year of birth.
Birthday (50) - "Psychick"
Views: 4662
In this birthday eCard, our lady of the Spirit World brings all the great 50 year olds to usher us into the real middle age.
Check out our SweetChicken Ecard
Views: 4214
In this birthday eCard, desserts appear and disappear, honoring the sweetness of the upcoming year.
Send this digital Zen Birthday Card - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 6186
In this birthday eCard, music and serene images flow to honor a more heartfelt birthday.
Send this Small Town Birthday ecard - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 6962
In this birthday eCard, in a small town, a very special birthday is coming.
Try this funny Rube Goldberg birthday card - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 7570
In this unique birthday eCard, this toon is an homage to Rube Goldberg machines as we assemble a birthday cake.
This funny digital Birthday stars "Good Cop Bad Cop"
Views: 5656
In this birthday eCard, Bad cop abuses the birthday suspect and Good cop protects him and gets him a cake.
Send funny birthday wishes with the "General Store"
Views: 8307
In this birthday ecard, Bert takes a trip to see Mr. Klamen at the General Store in order to pick up a special brithday gift.
Our animated Birthday wishes card stars "Master Liu"
Views: 6256
The great Asian Master Liu gives his pithy thoughts on a birthday
This funny birthday ecard features "Origins"
Views: 4853
Dr. Phonohar is interviewed about the origins of the Hawaiian language, especially regarding the phrase "happy birthday."
This hilarious and animated birthday ecard stars "Reggae Mon"
Views: 8812
A Raggae tune, singing tropical birds, deliver a birthday message, "Take your time like a taffy pull."
Send this funny animated Birthday ecard starring "God"
Views: 4319
God talks to the brithday human face-to-face, telling them that they are the best person in the whole world.
Check out this funny virtual ecard starring "Sinclair, The Hipster"
Views: 4688
Sinclair, a Hipster sitting in a coffee shop, gives a tortuous, ironic Birthday wish to her good friend.
Send this dog birthday ecard starring "Rufus the Dog"
Views: 5485
Rufus, the grissled backyard veteran dog, weaves a remarkable story of war and friendship in which nothing really seems to be real.
At the Taco Truck birthday magic happens in this animated personalized birthday ecard
Views: 6018
Armando, the magic Taco Truck man, serves up a spiritual meal for a brithday to a special person.
Shop this sexy 50th birthday ecard starring "Veronique"
Views: 5585
Veronique, sweet and salty waitress at Cafe Cafe, the French Canadian coffee shop, gets the birthday order just right.
Send this spiritual 50th birthday ecard starring "Sister Mary Margaret"
Views: 7084
Sister Mary Margaret, after a fund-raiser for potted plants, has a vision of God telling her about 50th birthdays.
Try this one for a younger feel starring our "Geeks".
Views: 8343
The Geeks contemplate what it would be like to have a birthday if you are going to live forever.
Our best Birthday ecards #2 starring the "Flashback Boys"
Views: 8447
The boys with the IQ of peat moss wonder why we can never be happy with the age we are at.
Birthday #2 - "Juicy Juice"
Views: 7068
Kimmie gathers all of her friends via conference phone to deliver an ecstatic birthday surprise.
This funny virtual birthday ecard stars Albert Sussman of "Dreamtime"
Views: 8708
It's Dreamtime with Albert Sussman where a woman adrift in a dream asks Albert, Master Dream Interpreter, to figure it out.
This funny 50th Birthday ecard stars "Guptah"
Views: 7352
The great Quikmart Sage, Guptah, gives words of encouragement on a 50th birthday.
This 50th birthday ecard stars "Sinclair, the Hipster"
Views: 8874
Sinclair, with her droll sense of humor, tries to make becoming 50 okay.
 50th B-day

Send a Happy 50th Birthday Greeting Card Animated Funny ecard

Not So Great

Can we talk? Everyone knows that turning 50 is not that pleasant. We can say things like, "50 is the new 30." Or "Just keeps getting better," but we know that the waddle under the chin sucks. So here's the only thing that we can do about any of this. Laugh. But it's hard to laugh by yourself after you've looked in the mirror at the waddle. You need one of your friends to send you a Rubber Chicken greeting! Yes, you do.

Doorstep to Old

Have a seat, you will need it. Yes, it looks like 50 is on the doorstep to old. But each decade you live, or so we hear, it looks like you are not getting older, you are staying in the same place. Did you ever notice that your mind doesn't think it is old? It is making plans for the future. And, further, there is so much research on longevity and how easy it is to access the principles of living longer that we can't ignore the ease of it any longer.

We are Living Longer

There is a new documentary out now that looks at longevity. Did you see it? In it a one hundred and one year old man runs the marathon. One hundred! With his story and the story that others in the film sport, you can see that there are actual dietary principles and cause a longer life, unless you are exposed to e-coli or strange forms of flesh eating vermin. Anyway, you will probably live till you are 100 or 200. So no use in thinking that you are old at 50. Come on, grab hold of your mind.

Up from Despair

Do you know anyone who is about to turn 50? It's time you sent them a Happy 50th Birthday greeting card. When you do send them their Birthday card you will notice, we have some studies on this, that their blood pressure will go down and they will have full access to joi de vivre. Have fun!!

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