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 Thank You Cards

Our Thank You Cards

Sometimes it is hard to thank people. Sincere? Direct? Funny? How about really funny and fun but also sweet. That's what we do.

New and Better

We are dedicated to creating ever new and ever better cards. And so we keep writing, acting, and animating the best Thank You Animated Cards on the planet.

We love What We Do

You Are a Part of It Making The World Better

Yes, you. The purpose of Rubber Chicken is to spread joy and love. Is it okay to say love? In this world of snarky and angry, Rubber Chicken Cards attempts, okay not every time, to create a balance between loving and funny. Even our Devil character, Beezle Bob, tries really hard to get it right. So when you send a Rubber Chicken Card you are sending love to someone on a special occasion. Thank you for that.

A Better Service

While we are working to keep the content great and create even better shizzle, we want you to know that we are always looking at ways to improve our service. So here in the middle of 2019 we are working on some ways that you can send cards, send announcements, send everything more easily and with more gusto to every social media outlet known to man.

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