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Send a Funny Thank You ecard (33)

These funny online Thank You ecards are full of laughter and sweetness (well some). No sappy stuff here, just the kind of thank you e cards you really want to send. In our stuff, our team of the best voice over actors in the World will turn a generic thank you into an hysterical moment of connection.

This Foodie online Thank You card stars Armando from the Taco Truck
Views: 4169
At the Taco Truck, Armando serves up the best and tastiest food in order to say "Thank You"
Send this Sweet Chicken Thank You ecard today.
Views: 5921
In this thank you ecard, jaunty music and thank you in many languages pepper this fun greeting.
"God" offers this funny thank you ecard
Views: 7344
In this thank you ecard, God himself offers his thanks and the promise of reward for a job well done.
"Louise the Angel" stars in this choice thank you ecard
Views: 8478
In this thank you ecard, the Valley Girl from heaven delivers a celestial, butterfly filled Thank You.
Send this religious thank you ecard starring Sister Mary Margaret
Views: 8299
In this thank you ecard, the earnest Sister Mary is so caught up with guilt over not thanking her friends she falls off a cliff and has a wonderful "Thank You" adventure.
In this cool Thank You ecard the "Geeks" try to say thank you.
Views: 6845
In this thank you ecard, the computer geeks, banging away at their keyboards in the dim light, give each other "Thanks" for the help.
This sweet online Thank You e card stars Ellen and her cat, Winsor.
Views: 5614
In this thank you ecard, Ellen and her kitty, Winsor, go back and forth on the proper wording for a thank you note.
This funny virtual ecard stars "BeezleBob," the devil
Views: 8382
Beezlebob, sitting in the Hall of Fire, can't seem to find a great and unique way to say thank you dispite the input from some really crazy people.
Shop our unrivaled thanks ecards starring the "Autopsy" duo.
Views: 6683
In this thank you ecard, Mildred and Tom, two coroners, have a special moment of sharing and thanks as they cut up a cadaver.
Send this funny online Thank You ecard starring Dr. Sussman of Dreamtime
Views: 4430
Dr. Albert Sussman, the amazing dream interpreter, blows it again with an obvious thank you dream.
Our second "Rube Goldberg" machine online Thank You e card
Views: 6821
In this "Thank You" Rube Goldberg machine, a complex series of events create a hand written thank you note.
This Superior Thank You ecard stars Dale Vacwit of the Roadshow
Views: 8588
Dale Vacwit comes to the Roadshow with a very important pen with which to say thank you.
In our Premo thank you ecard "The Professors" grapple Thanks
Views: 7072
In this thank you ecard, the erudite foolish ones compete with each other over the meaning of "Thanks."
This musical thank you ecard stars "Frankie and Eddie"
Views: 8553
In this thank you ecard, the dancing and singing birds try their hands at a "Thank You" song and mess it up real bad.
Shop this Younger audience Thank You ecard starring ASMR
Views: 4232
Trina M does a Thank You session with a slow low sound experience.
This musical thank you ecard stars the beat poets, Bong and Tone.
Views: 5848
In this thank you ecard, the beatniks, Bongo and Tone, bang out beat poem about "Thanks."
Stinky Dog stars in this cool online Thank you Ecard
Views: 4350
In this thank you ecard, the smelliest dog in the world tries to buy a Blackberry so he can call and say thanks.
The idiots, the Breeder Brothers give an online thank you message
Views: 4894
In this thank you ecards, though they're one fork shy of a full placesetting, the Breeder Brothers still know the etiquette of "Thank You."
Send this premium thank you ecard starring Guptah the local sage.
Views: 7558
In this thank you ecard, the Deli Mart sage checks into her inner self to discover the true thank you.
Our Bats in the Belfry star in this unique thank you e card
Views: 6127
In this thank you ecard, our two wiseguy bats, while figuring out how to say "Thank You," get all worked up about who's gonna do it better.
Send this silly animated thank you ecard starring the "Two Fools"
Views: 8725
In this thank you ecard, our Elizabethan idiots tell really bad jokes and sing horribly a thank you ditty.
"Jack and Jacques" star in this premium thank you ecard.
Views: 5420
In this thank you ecard, Jack and his French dummy, Jacques, fight over who is going to say thank you.
The "Flashback Boys" star in this hysterical thank you e card.
Views: 5334
In this thank you ecard, our sixties boys, with the brains of wet tissue paper, wrestle with the words "Thank You".
This high quality Thank You online card stars "Ellen and Winsor"
Views: 4048
Ellen and her cat Winsor are set to have a lean and spare Thanksgiving until Winsor gets another idea.
Send this sweet online ecard starring the "Aw" girl
Views: 6350
In this thank you ecard, the cutest person in the world says "Thank You" in a field of flowers and flying animals.
Gracias - "God"
Views: 8749
Dios da las gracias y promete compensar un trabajo bien hecho.
Send this "Rube Goldberg" Select Thank You ecard
Views: 5941
In this Thank You ecard, a Rube Goldberg homage sets a complicated series of events in motion to say "Thank You."
Send this high quality virtual thank you ecard starring "The Muse"
Views: 6176
The Cuban Muse helps us with our control issues in order to say thanks.
Our second Premium thank you ecard stars "Guptah" the local Sage.
Views: 4698
Guptah, the Quikmart sage, has some wise and beautiful words to convey a thank you.
Our unique Thank You ecard stars "Sinclair," the hipster
Views: 6743
Sinclair, the hipster, sits in a coffee shop and tries to think of a cool and acceptable way to say thank you.
Thank You (gift) - "The Breeder Brothers"
Views: 4080
In this thank you ecard, the country boys with one brain cell between 'em give some sterling advice on gift thankin'.
Thanks to the Troops - "Singin' Cowboy Bob"
Views: 4686
In this thank you ecard, our Singin' Cowboy, this time with his little Sister Cowgirl Annie, sing a duet for the troops.
This High-End Thank You ecard starring "Cowboy Fritz"
Views: 5167
Our Bavarian Cowboy, Fritz, takes his horse companion, Schpitoon, up to the top of the mountain to sing a German gibberish song of thanks.
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Sometimes it is hard to thank people. Sincere? Direct? Funny? How about really funny and fun but also sweet. That's what we do.

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Yes, you. The purpose of Rubber Chicken Cards.com is to spread joy and love. Is it okay to say love? In this world of snarky and angry, Rubber Chicken Cards attempts, okay not every time, to create a balance between loving and funny. Even our Devil character, Beezle Bob, tries really hard to get it right. So when you send a Rubber Chicken Thank You online card you are sending love to someone on a special occasion. Thank you for that.

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While we are working to keep the content great and create even better shizzle, we want you to know that we are always looking at ways to improve our service. So here in the middle of 2023 we are working on some ways that you can send cards, send announcements, send everything more easily and with more gusto to every social media outlet known to man.