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Selma Goldfarb (12)

Agent to the stars

Thinking of You - "Selma Goldfarb"
Views: 4021
Selma, agent to the stars, is thinking of the very best person she knows!
Labor Day - "Selma Goldfarb"
Views: 6755
Selma, agent to the stars, gets excited about the movies that are about working class people.
Encouragement - "Selma Goldfarb"
Views: 4775
The great talent agent helps her client through a rough emotional time with some DVDs.
Hanukkah - "Selma Goldfarb"
Views: 7823
Hard-driving "Agent to the Stars" tries to put together a Hanukkah movie deal.
Work Week (Monday) - "Selma Goldfarb"
Views: 7927
Agent to the stars, in a billow of smoke, tells a client how to get through Monday.
Dating - "Selma Goldfarb"
Views: 7582
Our Agent to the Stars give some fine dating advice drawn from the screen classics.
Welcome Back - "Selma Goldfarb"
Views: 8817
Selma, agent to the stars, welcomes back her great friend after an absence.
Back to Shcool - "Selma Goldfarb"
Views: 7082
The agent to the stars attempts to inspire a young person going back to school with famous movies and tv shows.
Rosh Hashanah - "Selma Goldfarb"
Views: 7301
Agent to the stars, Selma, ushers in the Jewish New Year with a movie idea starring Yahweh.
Sukkot - "Selma Goldfarb"
Views: 4938
Selma, agent to the stars, lists some great sukkot films for Sukkot.
Veteran's Day - "Selma Goldfarb"
Views: 5370
Selma Goldfarb, agent to the stars, honors the Veterans by celbrating all the films created about courage under fire.
Check out this High-Quality Virtual Mothers Day card starring Selma the Agent.
Views: 8526
Agent to the stars, Selma Goldfarb, knows what it's like to be a mother, and she demonstrates it with her knowledge of old movies.