Rosh Hashanah (18)

Celebrate the Jewish New Year with Funny Rosh Hashanah ecards

L'Shanah Tovah, everyone! The idiots at Rubber Chicken Cards are on the job, helping you to celebrate Rosh Hashana by offering a variety of humorous and heartfelt Rosh Hashana ecards to send your friends and family for the New Year. This day is also known as the "day of judgment" and the "day of remembrance." It starts a process of renewal and deep contemplation that culminates in the day of atonement, Yom Kippur.

Together with the sweetness apples and honey, our Rosh Hashana eCards will help you share the sugar in the New Year. Today is the day to gather with your friends and family and feast on challah bread and Gefilte fish (love it or hate it).

We have over a dozen of the funniest and happiest ecards on the web. Check out our Sweeter Cards with a more sublte and warm message and our regular fare like the Roadshow, Marlene and Dave, and the Flashback Boys.

From the humorous to the earnest, if you're looking for Rosh Hashana greetings online, Rubber Chicken's selection is sure to bake the heart of your loved ones for the year to come. Rosh Hashana eCards are the perfect way to send your best wishes for the New Year to those you love. So raise the shofar, set out the apples and honey, and celebrate the sweetness of the New Year with Rubber Chicken Cards.