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Most Zombies Have Abandonment Issues!

Halloween is one of the most popular ecard sending days of the year. Okay, that's a "trick"...now for your "treat": A little bit about Halloween's hist-scary (yea, we know you came to this section to learn ): Rubber Chicken invented Halloween... okay, that's a "trick" too. Here's the truth, at least Bill Clinton's version of the truth... Halloween is a sanitized version of a Druid holiday. The proto-hipsters (aka "Christians") got a hold of it and turned it into something called, "All Hallows' Evening". Then the Confectionary-Industrial Complex overly commercialized it, so now it's devolved into just another holiday to unload last year's stale candy. We here at Rubber Chicken Cards are traditionalists (that's a trick too, we have no idea what we are) and prefer to call the holiday, "Hello, Weenie!" or "Toilet-Paper-The-Neighbor's Tree Day". Or better yet, or "Hey, These Cheap Halloween Latex Masks Make Our Faces Smell like a Old Condom" Day!" We report, YOU decide! Then you should really send out our RCC Halloween Cards. 'Cuz we have WAAAAY too many of them! And unlike Brach's crappy, cellophane-wrapped candies, our Halloweenie Cards don't have a long shelf life! So send them out...HURRY!

Boo WHO??????????????  ?!?

It is a yearly holiday observed around the world on 31 October, the night before All Saints' Day?????????¢?? preferable by lobbing eggs from the back of a Chevy Station Wagon (an ancient vehicle used in the time of the English invasion of all countries).

Halloween Animated Greeting Cards - All About (Hallow's) Eve

This Christian feast of "All Hallows' Eve" embraces traditions from pagan harvest festivals and festivals honoring the dead, including Herbert Hoover.

What Comes Around...

Halloween is always exciting when it comes around. For many it is THE most thrilling time of the year. It is the one night were you can be anything you want, were you can unleash your creativity. You can invent characters, build your costume out of garbage, play the opposite sex, collaborate with a friend and be some sort of dynamic duo, or just go as Dracula.

Ghoul of Our Dreams!

Many people plan months ahead of time so they can get their costume perfect for the ghoulish night. The Halloween night itself is rich with a spooky eerie charm, even for adults. Remember being a kid and the excruciating excitement? It was unbearably fun, and it wasn't just because of all the candy you were going to get, it was because it is a day where all the fairy tales, ghost stories, and characters of fantasy, come alive. Every little spooky decoration has a creepy enchanting atmosphere.

All I Got Was a Rock...

And when trick or treating, forget those little plastic shopping bags, we went for the pillow cases because we knew that we could eventually - under the governing eye of our parents - eat all our candy, we could stock up for the winter.

Halloween Ecards | Spooky Animated Greetings

Halloween is one of the very few times of the year were it's just as exciting to be an adult as it is to be kid. Gosh! We're all filled with nostalgia now just thinking about it.

4 out of 5 Dentists Recommend Sending Out RCC Halloween eCards

And so, the ding-bats here at Rubber Chicken have created a Halloween ecard selection better than all the other Halloween ecards in the world combined, or so we think. We currently have over 33 ecards Halloween to delight and to frighten. In addition to the character cards, featuring Louise the Angel, Guptah, and The Muse, we also have our clever Rube Goldberg and Folk Town greetings.
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