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Labor Day (21)

Send a funny Labor Day Ecard from Rubber Chicken Cards

This funny Labor Day ecard stars "Beezle Bob"
Views: 5120
The Devil meets with his choice awfuls in Hell to discover a good way to celebrate labor.
Send this choice Labor Day ecard starring "Donner and Blitzen"
Views: 8252
Santa's Eastern European reindeer are ready for a Labor Day of doing nothing.
Send this funny Labor Day ecard starring "Good Cop Bad Cop"
Views: 6444
In this Labor Day ecard, the Captain doesn't want to show affection for his great workers. So he asks Good Cop to help.
Send this HIgh-Quality Labor Day ecard starring "On the Runway"
Views: 4938
The vapid Runway designer, Twinkie, celebrates workers she clearly does not care about.
Our wise local Sage, "Guptah," honors labor and life.
Views: 6968
Guptah, the Sage, has some wise things to say about Workers and the power of working together.
This unrivaled Labor Day ecard stars the Latin Lover "Del la Noche
Views: 4505
The great Latin lover and singer puts on his Rosie the Riveter hat and sings a song of the worker.
The Creative Muse stars in this unique Labor Day ecard
Views: 4972
The Cuban Muse who is our inspiration for all creativity inspires us to do absolutely nothing on Labor Day. Can you do that?
This Musical Labor Day ecard stars "Reggae Mon"
Views: 4532
With his heart full of joy, the singer Reggae Mon sings a snappy song about not working on Labor Day.
This Musical Labor Day ecard stars "Bongo and Tone"
Views: 4996
The "Beat Poets" thump and clap a musical poem about Labor Day and workers.
This funny Labor Day ecard stars Kimmie the Juice Girl"
Views: 6898
Kimmi at the Juice Shop makes some boosters that honor workers everywhere.
This Ultra Premium Labor Day ecard is at the "General Store"
Views: 7955
Bert, after having a hard time in the job and housing markets, comes into the General Store to buy a few things for a big party he is throwing.
This hippie Labor Day ecard stars the "Flashback Boys"
Views: 6480
Two aging hippies, hardly able to remember their own names, extol the joys and ironies ofLabor Day.
Labor Day #2 - "Marlene and Dave"
Views: 7179
The informercial duo are selling tools for the unemployed made out of chocolate, so that if you can't work you can eat the tools.
This select Labor Day ecard stars "Marlene and Dave"
Views: 7394
The infomercial specialists are hockin' a Labor Day "Package" that is not worth a sheet of tissue paper.
Shop Labor Day ecards starring the "Breeder Brothers"
Views: 6085
The boys with the intelligence of a late summer breeze serve up ideas for a fine Labor Day.
The "Psychick" stars in this cool Labor Day ecard
Views: 7603
The lady of the Spirit World brings a host of important spirit workers to wish us a Happy Labor Day.
Our Musical Labor Day ecard stars "Frankie and Eddie" the singing birds.
Views: 7771
The feathered dancing and singin' duo hammer out an uplifting homage to the worker.
Shop this Labor Day ecard starring "Madam President"
Views: 8581
The President of the United States thanks all the workers for...well...working!
This Foodie Labor Day ecard stars "Marta Stewartski"
Views: 8256
The kitchen Queen celebrates the day of Labor by making replicas of her workers out of food product.
This funny Labor Day ecard stars the "Happy Hour" dogs.
Views: 4015
Our Bar Hopping Hounds wish everyone a Happy Labor Day.
The World's greatest agent, Selma Goldfarb, stars in this premium Labor Day e card
Views: 8727
Selma, agent to the stars, gets excited about the movies that are about working class people.
 Labor Day

Toiling, Ever Toiling

In this world of work, where most people have to, it is no accident that we honor those of us who work make money with the sweat of brain and brawn power. Let's all put our hands together and clap for all people in the world who, by their efforts, make our lives better. Would we be able to get places without the help of the roadworker? Maybe by cutting through the underbrush with our burro.p>


There is a big movement in this country to belittle Unions. Let us remember, yes there are problems with unions like there all with all institutions, the 40 hour work week and the 8 hour day. Today those important working conditions are being eroded. Companies, in order to not pay people living wages, are chipping away at life styles. Oi!

Let's Laugh

So as we work to make life better for all of us, or not, one thing we certainly can do is laugh about the whole shebang. After all, it's the minute by minute quality of life that is the most important part of life.

Rubber Chicken Cards

The best way to laugh your life away in this world is to clock into Rubber Chicken Cards.com and start watching card-toons. We know that people get happier and make others feel better no matter what their work situation is. So the most important way to celebrate the worker is to make the worker laugh.

The History of Work Rubber Chicken Style

40000 BC. A frail female ancestor of the human race, living where Las Vegas is currently, gets hungry. She runs down their version of a chicken, a hardy little bird with a vicious beak. As she tries to get it to where she can eat it, she notices that she is sweating. She looks at her partner, Daryl, and says, "Hey, you. Get off your ass and take care of this chicken." He of course says, "You're not the boss of me. Get it yourself." They fight and both of them sweat. Later, after makeup sex, they tell each other that they got really tired when they were trying to the chicken. Mmm. What do you call that. Let's call it work.

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