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Animated Marketing (12)

Animation and Marketing for Corporations and Small Business

MR Magazine - "Marlene and Dave"
Views: 4782
MR Magazine wishes a happy holidays.
Animated Marketing - Chiropractor thanks
Views: 4812
We developed a few cards as a communication vehicle for Chiropractors.
Animated Marketing - JDE Tips
Views: 4982
RCCards Corporate created this piece for JDEtips, a company that does training for business software. Our piece helped them to create a 22% increase in sign-ups for their training.
Animated Marketing - Chiropractor reminders
Views: 6216
We created this card-toon to help chiropractors remind their patients of upcoming appointments.
Animated Marketing - "Dentist Broadway"
Views: 4299
We did this piece as part of a larger project for the seminar of Endodontist. Much fun to use some of our characters and create new ones.
Animated Marketing - "The Passion Test"
Views: 4912
RCC Cards created this card for the Passion Test, a book on personal transformation. They wanted to use Ellen and Winsor to promote their book. Our marketing piece helped propel their book to Amazon #1.
Animated Marketing - "Girl Scout Music"
Views: 5596
We did this marketing piece as a holiday keep-in-touch for Legend Productions, the folks who write the music for the Girl Scouts.
TVOT (Television of Tomorrow) - "The Geeks Part 1"
Views: 5718
RC Cards was commissioned to do this two part animation marketing piece to bookend two days of the Television of Tomorrow conference in San Francisco. This is a conference of all the heavyweights in the interactive television business. In part one of this cartoon, the Geeks prepare to enter the TVOT conference by hologram.
Teleivsion of Tomorrow Part 2 - "The Geeks"
Views: 6667
This is the second of a two part animation marketing piece to bookend two days of the Television of Tomorrow conference in San Francisco. In part two of this cartoon, the Geeks attempt to enter the Television of Tomorrow conference by hologram only to discover they are inept.
Animated Marketing - Chiropractor Thanks #2
Views: 5869
For Chiropractors we developed two new characters, the doctor and the talking skeleton to fuel communication with patients.
Welcome to RC Cards - "The Muse"
Views: 8161
Welcome to Rubber Chicken Cards
Animated Marketing - "Everything Logo"
Views: 4440
This promotions company sent us a recording and an idea of what they wanted and we did the rest.
Animated Marketing ecards

Let Us Help...

We here at Rubber Chicken Cards REALLY enjoy helping companies (like your's) reach new markets in unique and humorous ways. Let us create a custom graphic, or an animated marketing ecard, or even develop a promotion for your products and services which will exclusively appeal to your current clients and help you reach an even wider audience.

And Now the Name Dropping Begins

We work with a lot of leading companies in order to help them increase their sales and introduce their new product lines. Although our results speak for themselves, we're going to take a moment and spell out what we would like to create for you.

We're Smarter Than We Look (Honest!)

We have been able to increase our clients' sales by 20 percent in most cases, and we look forward to breaking that record with you! You can't fault us for trying. We create everything from out-right presentational content to educational materials (who'da thunk it, am I right?) and in some cases, our animations are made to simply entertain our clients' audiences (just like Bob Hope... or Shakira, depending on which decade you were born into). The point is, we enjoy helping you reach your target audience and we take great care when we create products for you.

Two Endodontists Walk into a Bar...

Recently we collaborated with a leading endodontist (we had to Google it first). He was the main presenter at an educational seminar he organized, and he wanted his audience to not only pay attention to what he said, but he also wanted them to remember certain, key concepts. So together he and our staff created several short, funny animations which helped to highlight his important talking points.

"Root Canal, the Musical!"

How often can you say you get to hear your clients laugh ON PURPOSE, and with singing root canals, no less?!? That's our goal, and with this paticular client, we created animations where he sometimes talked with our characters, while in other sketches, our characters talked directly to his audience.

And the Point Is?

The result was his attendees LOVED his talk and our characters' attitude! He tells us he continues to get compliments from his clients and they still talk about it! And why not? His clients expected another, typical (boring) PowerPoint slideshow, and instead were entertained by his (and our) funny and memorable presentation that spoke directly to them! In short, let's work together, and we'll create something memorable for your clients too.

Not Just a One Hit Wonder

In a different project, for another customer, Jenny Sue, our flight attendant character, raised the sales of that client by over 20%! And that wasn't a one-off fluke because the following year, that same client re-used this piece we created for them and got the same great results! That's because we pride ourselves on creating animations that keep on giving.

Let's Talk

So what do you think? Want to give us a hollar at henhouse@rubberchickencards.com today? Let us help you make a positive, memorable impression and together you and our staff can help you reach a wider client base. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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