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Announcements (3)

When you need to send an Announcement, how about sending something funny? Rubber Chicken Cards a number of Announcement ecards.

Invitation - "Breeder Brothers"
Views: 8065
With all the wisdom of deep-fried catfish, they offer a few suggestions for Invites and Announcements.
Invitation - "Louise the Angel"
Views: 4375
Our "Valley Girl" lady of the heavens helps to spead the word about an upcoming party.
Invitation - "Happy Hour"
Views: 8298
The two tipsy dogs pound the table and guffaw about being invited to a party.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Let's get the word out about your next, big special event! Ah, come on, don't be shy, let's tell the world about your incredible achievements! Why not holla' 'bout that awesome party you're throwing! And why not use one of our fine and dandy Announcement ecards to do just that?

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