Apologize (8)

Funny and Clever ways to apologize online and say I'm sorry with a greeting card. A unique and fun way to say "I'm Sorry". Send one today

 Apologize Online by Saying I'm Sorry with a card

Apologize Online Send an I'm Sorry Greeting Card

Do I have To?

Yikes, it can be so hard to apologize. The dorks at Rubber Chicken Cards know how to apologize, only because we all have low self-esteem. That being said, we do know that an Apology ecard would help the vast majority of folks who just can't and won't say "sorry."

It Helps if it's Funny

So here's what we did for you. We created a whole crop of funny Apology greeting cards that will break down the barrier between you and the one you want forgiveness from. Okay, so you blew it. Said something you didn't mean (or meant, but for God's sake how about a filter or two), and you want to apologize. Look through our selection of ecards Apology, choose the one that best suits your mistake, and let 'er fly over the web. In no time the offended party will be at your digital door begging you to come back and a have a cup of civilized tea. All because of one ecard Apology, all because of a little Apology greeting. On behalf of all the people you have offended over the years, and that is probably in the hundreds, we thank you for growing a spine and sending an hysterical Apology ecard from Rubber Chicken Cards. You should be dern proud of yourself.

I'm going to My Room

Okay, let's say that you don't want to apologize to your loved one or family member. Let's say that you feel that you are right and Damn It they are wrong. You don't send an Apology ecard, you send nothing. No flowers, no groveling, nada! Let's talk about what that looks like.

Apologize Ecards I'm Sorry Greeting Cards

Here is your life for the next 20 years: You live alone in a dark room. You have no Facebook friends! You live in the far reaches of the Swedish countryside and only eat raw meat that you have to kill yourself. It's probably cold!

Come Back to Us

Suddenly you get a call from the person that you offended. He or she calls to give you another chance to apologize; they want you home; they like your cooking. The desire to apologize comes up. You are in front of your computer and you put the person on respectful hold as you pull up the funny apology ecard section of Rubber Chicken Cards.com. Then you choke. You still don't think that you need to apologize. You are still stubborn. You pretend that the line is breaking up. Your heart is hurting, wanting to break. Then suddenly, the light comes into your brain. You get it. You were a jerk. You send the Translator Apology ecard. He/she laughs. You come back and live peacefully for the rest of your life in a moderate climate with lots of friends.

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