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Armed Forces Day (1)

Smart and Touching Armed Forces Day Ecards

Armed Forces Day - "Angel Moon McFadden"
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Angel Moon McFadden and her angel friends honor the men and women of the armed forces.
Armed Forces Day cards

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Giving Credit Where Credit's Due

Not to be confused with Veterans Day or Memorial Day, Armed Forces Day is usually celebrated on the 3rd Saturday in May. It is a day we acknowledge the sacrifices made by those in the military, whether they are serving in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard. We'd also like to include those serving in the National Guard and Reserve units, because that's how we roll here at Rubber Chicken eCards.

Big Momma's House

When you think about it, Armed Forces Day is a much more practical and inclusive holiday, with the added benefit of saving you from the trouble of having to send out dozens of separate Rubber Chicken eCards to each, individual branch of the U.S. military. Which means, no more having to remember "Army Day", "Navy Day", "Air Force Day", you get the idea. What a time saver!

One Big Happy Family...

This holiday began in 1950, and in its own way commemorates the actual consolidation of each separate entity of the military being unified under one "big mama" of a department, called "the Department of Defense". And it only took another half a century to do something similar in 2001, when a second such consolidation created the now incredibly efficient and practical Department of Homeland Security. Boo-ya!

That Idea Might Really Catch On!

Unifying all the separate branches of the military gives us an idea for an entirely new line of eCards... how does "Happy Consolidation Day" sound?!? The idea is --instead of individual holidays-- we could make one eCard that celebrates and centralizes EVERY holiday into one HUGE one, of course the eCard'll be a 12-hour-long animation, but... okay, never mind, clearly some ideas work better than others.

But I Haven't Taken Down Last Year's "Armed Forces Day" Decorations!

Well, good for you, you're either a devoted patriot or an incredible procrastinator, either way we salute you. Which just so happens to be an appropriate way to show your respect to our active duty members. Usually Armed Forces Day is celebrated with large, boisterous parades but it can also be a time to spend quietly at home with friends and loved ones.

You're SURE It's Not Another Name for "Veterans Day"?!

Yes, we're sure. They're two entirely different holidays. We mostly know that because we have an entirely different category specifically for our Rubber Chicken Veterans Day eCards. But it's easy to get confused, just remember: "Veterans Day is more for people who already served and Armed Forces Day is for people currently serving in the military. But is it really possible to have too many holidays honoring those in uniform?! We don't think so.

Deeds, Not Words...

More to the point, why wait for an "official" holiday? Make up your own holiday or better yet, send our eCards out --to those whose service to the country you appreciate-- ANY time, even on days that don't commemorate: Veterans, Armed Forces, Memorial, Armistice, Remembrance or Loyalty! But those days are good too.

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