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Birthday - Half (3)

Send a funny Half-Birthday Ecards - Rubber Chicken Cards

Send our Half Birthday e card starring the "Flashback Boys"
Views: 4283
The Flashback Boys who have smoked a continent's worth of weed individually, grapple with the meaning of a half birthday. How do you celebrate a half birthday? Half a gift?
Half Birthday - "Guptah"
Views: 4346
The great local sage delivers on some over-the-counter wisdom about half birthdays.
Our Premium half birthday ecard starring the "Flashback Boys"
Views: 6752
The Flashback Boys, hippies with one braincell left betweent them, ponder the meaning of the half brithday.
Birthday Half

See Your Birthday as Half Here Rather Than Half Not-Here-Yet

So, what, are you like, five years old??! No one celebrates HALF Birthdays, unless you're ACTUALLY five years old... or maybe you're Lewis Carol trying to amuse some stuck up right little British girl you named your most famous book after. If either of these describe your situation, then not only does Rubber Chicken Cards have the perfect collection of Half-Birthday ecards for you, but also, we'd like to take this opportunity to say, "Happy Half Birthday!"

So That's All We Really Have to Say About Half Birthdays

We've pretty much exhausted the subject. You're very nice to send these cards...and we greatly appreciate you sending our stuff out to those you care about. Thank you very much. Ah, and what else can we say?

There's Really A Point of "Diminishing Returns" with This "Online Content" Text

We were told that in addition to providing you, our valued Rubber Chicken Cards subscribers, information about our various "products", this text is also helpful when search engines are trying to find our site, our services and "boosts" our overall web page ranking. We think of it as a Jamba Juice for our online existence. We're deep, huh?

What if For the Rest of This Section, We Just Post A Bunch of Nonsense Headlines with No Actual Content?

blah blah blah...

A Horse is a Horse, Of Course Of Course

Yadda yadda yadda...

Ice Your Cold Day Important Yogurt

Do you think this is hurting us professionally?

How Much Wood Could a Woodchuck Upchuck if a Woodchuck Could Upchuck Wood?

We've never seen an actual woodchuck, not even in a zoo. La la la, fo-dee-doh-doh...

Ask Knotts What You Can Do Ford Euro Country

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