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Animated Ecards Paper Greeting Cards

Birthday to Father (9)

Birthday - "Autopsy"
Views: 7511
In this birthday eCard, Tom and Millie are about to do an autopsy when Millie interrupts with a Birthday Cake for Tom's birthday.
Send this perfect Birthday e card, starring Ellen and her cat Winsor. Sweet and funny and hopeful.
Views: 7874
Ellen is a little depressed as her birthdate comes around. Windsor doesn't understand why.
Birthday #2 - "God"
Views: 7439
God talks to the brithday human face-to-face, telling them that they are the best person in the whole world.
Birthday - "The Muse"
Views: 7968
In this birthday eCard, the Muse, a Cuban gent who loves the good life, appears when you need him for inspiration on a birthday.
Birthday (Folk Art) - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 6674
In this birthday eCard, in a small town, a very special birthday is coming.
Birthday - "Good Cop Bad Cop"
Views: 8598
In this birthday eCard, Bad cop abuses the birthday suspect and Good cop protects him and gets him a cake.
Birthday - "Master Liu"
Views: 8412
The great Asian Master Liu gives his pithy thoughts on a birthday
Birthday - "Origins"
Views: 6119
Dr. Phonohar is interviewed about the origins of the Hawaiian language, especially regarding the phrase "happy birthday."
Birthday - "Rube Goldberg"
Views: 8988
In our third Rube Goldberg homage birthday machine, a complicated series of events end up in a candle blowing out.

Papa Love

Let's say you are lucky enough to have a great Father. He did a great job and you want to send him something special. Wait till he opens one of these cards.

These cards say it all! The Love, the Support, the Caring, the Giving you Money when you Need it.

We have narrowed our over 100 cards to help you choose the right one for your Pops without have to sort through millions of cards.

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