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Boxing Day (10)

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Boxing Day - "Roadshow"
Views: 8637
Dale Vacwit, IQ of a peach pit, bring what he thinks is the first cardboard "box" to the Roadshow.
Boxing Day - "BeezleBob"
Views: 5700
BeezleBob tries to teach his idiot children about how to give to the poor. They just don't get it!
Boxing Day - "Flashback Boys"
Views: 5705
The boys, who never move due to possible self inflicted brain power reduction, delve to the roots of Boxing Day.
Boxing Day - "Professors"
Views: 7806
Charles and Montgomery trade quips as they hammer out the real meaning of Boxing Day, the day after Christmas.
Boxing Day - "General Store"
Views: 8060
Bert wants to do something for the poor, and Mr. Klamen helps him out with some very odd items.
Boxing Day - "Stinky Dog"
Views: 7841
Stinky Dog thinks that Boxing Day is about giving cardboard boxes and hitting people.
Boxing Day - "Flight Attendant"
Views: 4480
Jenny Sue tells the truth about Boxing Day.
Boxing Day - "Aunt Gloria"
Views: 6862
Aunt Gloria is so proud of her visitor who gives to the poor on Boxing Day.
Boxing Day - "PackRats"
Views: 6693
In this Boxing Day Card-toon, the NPR type show starring the two most boring human beings in the entire world, talk about their ridiculous Boxing Day collection.
Boxing Day - "Juicy Juice"
Views: 5100
Kimmi the Juice Girl discovers what Boxing Day is all about, and she is moved.
 Bon Voyage

Boxing Day eCards | Animated Funny Online Greeting Cards

To Box or Not To Box

Boxing day - No, Americans, we're not talking about Muhammad Ali. We're talking about the day after Christmas, created in Great Britain! In the United States this is a fun event, in Britain it is a National Holiday. This is actually a wonderful day used to give gifts after Christmas to servants and tradesman. Today to the less fortunate.

Are We Grateful

Is there someone who has less than you? Is there someone who did not get a gift over the holidays? Of course you know someone like this or organizations that reach out to the less fortunate! This is the time to give and give some more.

What's Better

And if you don't have a gift, how about giving with a Boxing Day Ecard. You'll be sure to elicit laughter by calling attention to one of the most good hearted days of the year... although it has become one of the most overtly materialistic holidays in existence. Oops. The biggest sale day of the year when the stores down price their left over shizzle.

A Gift to You From You

So, in reality, instead of giving to the poor, the 26th is that day that people give to themselves. Who would?????¢??ve thunk it??????¢??

For Your Sending Pleasure

Our Boxing Day Ecards are sure to delight and thrill you with their sarcasm, wit, and downright hilarity! We've selected the best characters from our arsenal to populate these cards with all the wit and wisdom of the ages (did you know that no one really knows exactly where the term Boxing Day comes from?). We have Aunt Gloria, welcoming us and delighted to see us on this day of giving, The General Store, where Bert and Mr. Klamen put great Boxing Day stuff in a bag, Jenny Sue the Flight Attendant, The Professors who try and fathom the meaning of Boxing Day, Stinky, and the idiots of the weed, the Flashback Boys. All of these great characters work their funny magic on this day.

Our Voice Over Actors

Let's take this time to introduce you to our acting duos. For the most part the two men ecards, like the Boxing Day Ecards starring the Flashback Boys, General Store, and the Professors, are voiced by Steven Rotblatt and Fred Tatasciore. These three ecards are improvised, with the basic premise of the cards understood, and then edited by Steven Rotblatt later. This is dangerous stuff as sometimes it leads to funny and other times not. If it is not funny, we don't produce the ecard.

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