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Broken Heart (1)

Send a Broken Heart Ecard today from Rubber Chicken Cards

Broken Heart - "Breeder Brothers"
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Jim and Jimmy give advice on how to "stick it" to the person who dumped you.
Broken Heart Day

Heart Break or Heart Burn?

Whatever could be worse than having your heart broken? Personally, I think that having a broken car is worse and more expensive too. Though cars are less emotional, it's all of those love-wracked feelings that can really make a grown up's heart break. So nothing's actually worse than having a broken heart. And for that very reason our Broken Heart Ecards are responsible for 90% of our business since hearts must be mended before business can be tended.

Help a Friend Heal

Rubber Chicken Ecards heal broken hearts on contact. We know how tough it is when your friends relationships don't always end well, leaving them lying on the floor writhing in agony while life kicks them in the face over and over (too dramatic?). All this time you haven't been able to do anything to cheer them up! Until now!

Our cards are like "Fairy Dust in Cyberspace"?!?

Allow us to gift you with the magic of our spiritual love cards. Can you see your ecard now as it zooms through cyberspace connecting directly to your friend's broken heart? We can too!. What an out of this world service. It's like sprinkling fairy dust all over your friends (in a GOOD way), so you'll get to watch in amazement as they once again become whole.

You're a Angel

Providing this type of relief, my friend, might get you confused with being an angel. Angels love you and love heals all: gotta love those Rubber Chicken Card Angels... Since it's so considerate to give an Ecard aimed for the heart, your friends will be gently guided ahead and will soon stop poking their ex-partners in the eyes with a sharp stick just because they didn't get along. With this simple act of sending a Broken Heart Ecard, everyone will learn loving kindness and even the Dalai Lama will be happy.

Like Sands Through the Hour Glass...

Here are some of our most appreciated cards because right after they're received everything automatically returns to normal, just like nothing ever happened and everybody wants to get back to the fun stuff in life... until the next broken-hearted catastrophe occurs (we write "Optimism Cards" too). It's probably obvious what the idiots at Rubber Chicken cards would say about this: "Please send a Rubber Chicken card to help your friends get through the shifting sands of life." And though we don't have many of these cards (one to be precise) --it's yours! Go ahead! Send it! It's a funny one that makes all the difference. Check out our Chicken Scratches for a lot more.

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