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Canadian Thanksgiving (8)

Take the time to send a Canadian Thanksgiving Ecards from Rubber Chicken Cards

Choice Canadian Thanksgiving stars the "Muse"
Views: 6738
The Cuban Muse gives his thoughts on why it is silly to have a Thanksgiving day at all. Shouldn't all days be days of thanks.
Happy Canadian Thanksgiving ecard stars Diane from "Way Up North"
Views: 8682
Diane, the wildlife researcher, sends a "missing you" video home while trying to trap a wild turkey for Canadian Thanksgiving.
Canadian Thanskgiving - "The Professors"
Views: 7203
Those brilliant men of learning pontificate upon the difference between the American and the Canadian Thanksgiving.
Animated Canadian Thanksgiving card stars "Dottie Rat"
Views: 7246
The high society rat is whooping it up for a party in Canada.
Musical Canadian Thanksgiving ecard stars "De la Noche"
Views: 5788
The great flamingo singer warbles a song ofthe love of Canada.
Canadian Thankgiving - "Packrats"
Views: 8461
Ed and Ruth, the Packrats, collect a large amount of Thanksgiving dinners for their Collectors show.
High-Quality Canadian Thanksgiving ecard stars "Ms. President"
Views: 5663
The first female president of the United States sends asks Canada to thank the US for Thanksgiving. What is she thinking?
Funny Canadian Thanksgiving stars "Veronique"
Views: 7140
The sexy and amazing Veronique from Cafe Cafe in Montreal rolls out her Canadian Thanksgiving baked goods and well wishes.
Canadian Thanksgiving Day

Are You Ready for This?

How'zit going eh? So let us tell you a little a'boat the difference in Thanksgivings between the Great White North, and the Excited States! Oh! This is one's going to be a beauty. So hold on to your kilo of back bacon, and get ready to ride the information toboggan.

What's the Difference?

Canada celebrates Thanksgiving on the second Monday in October while in USA it is the fourth Thursday in November. Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks for harvest by the pilgrim settlers and is not based on a historical date like Christmas. So, the entire world does not celebrate Thanksgiving and even those that do, frequently celebrate on different dates from the United States. Canada is a perfect example, eh!

Everything Happens in Canada FIRST!

Canada's Thanksgiving is based on a bountiful harvest of snowballs, beaver cheeks, maple syrup, and --do we need to say it-- beer. It occurs earlier than the US Thanksgiving because Canada is north of the United States, and therefore the harvest season occurs earlier in the year. So, it only makes sense for Canada to celebrate its fall harvest during their fall and harvest time, but more importantly, you want to get as much food in you before the 8 month winter kicks in, 'cause you burn a lot of calories tightening the chords on your snow shoes. Well enough a'boat that eh! Let's grab the next dog sled and move on you hozers.

How to say "Thanks" in Canadian

Oh! Beauty!!...Canadian Thanksgiving!..what says "I'm so thankful for your Canadianism more than a Rubber Chicken Ecards. In case you're synapses failed to fire up and you're not sure whether or not you've forgotten, we'll help you out. 'Cause Canadians are such nice people that they will appreciate the card even if it's tardy, so don't feel too bad eh!

I'm Thankful for Tim Horton's!

Hozers! Save yourself the awkwardness of sending an USA Thanksgiving card (with its obvious references to pilgrims, the Nina, Pinto, and Santa Maria blotted out). They just don't carry Canadian Thanksgiving cards in stores - believe us, we've looked. That's why Rubber Chicken has created some of the most hilarious Canadian Thanksgiving Ecards on the market, with the characters you've come to know and love from Rubber Chicken including the warbling flamingo singer, the Dottie Rat, and the Professors. Because really, any Thanksgiving is impossible without the gift of life, and the way we show thanks for life is by laughing. So enjoy these cards. And know, you'd better be thankful - or else "take off eh!"

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