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Compliments (6)

You are a Terrific person for sending a funny Compliments Ecards from Rubber Chicken Cards

Compliments - "Good Cop Bad Cop"
Views: 5914
Bad Cop is having a difficult time giving a compliment until there is a breakthrough.
Compliment - "Louise the Angel"
Views: 7050
Louise delivers a very heart opening compliment
Compliments - "Guptah"
Views: 6616
The Quik Mart sage gives the best compliment of all: "You are okay just the way you are."
Compliment - "Kimmi the Juice Girl"
Views: 8013
Kimmi the Juice Girl lays on a huge compliment to her BFF.
Compliments - "Packrats"
Views: 5131
Ed and Ruth, the collectors, have been collecting the best compliments for years and years.
Compliment - "General Store"
Views: 8295
Bert goes to Mr. Klamen's General Store in order to get a compliment for a friend.
Compliments cards

You're So Wonderful!

Wait, if YOU'RE here now, then heaven MUST be missing an angel, 'cuz that's just how wonderful YOU ARE! Truly, our lives are blessed to have you as a Rubber Chicken Card Sender-Outer! And who doesn't like to get positive attention for all the hard work they do? WE DO! And like you, we work very hard at what we do, not because we care if anyone else notices (did you HEAR that, boss?!?) but instead, because ???again, like you??? we do our best in order to provide other people with the quality stuff we make and we do it in order to make their lives a little more enjoyable. So, go ahead and send others one of the Rubber Chicken Compliment cards. Who DOESN'T deserve recognition or a pat on the back every once in a while?

Setting a Good Example

Hold on a sec while we take our own advice and send OURSELVES a Rubber Chicken Compliments card... (short pause, "we think we're great!", hit send)... THERE it's just that easy! Now YOU try sending one to someone who DESERVES a compliment! You can even send one (or more) to US (or yourselves, like we just did)... did we mention how much we appreciate you appreciating all our HARD WerK and ouUr ATTeeNTION 2 DE-TriALE?  ?Loc...r3em ipr57@su#m do$lor~it amet [deliberately garbled nonsense] We we think YOU'RE GRAPE! And (like us) YOU deserve more compliments (and you'd get more... if there was ANY freaking JUSTICE in this world)! Anyway, we really do thank you for noticing that there's a great need to be filled as far as giving (and receiving) compliments to each other more goes [intentionally awkward sentence that ends with a preposition].
So thank you for being so thoughtful and for taking time out of your busy day to compliment others for a job well done (unlike SOME people who will remain nameless, but here's a hint: it easily rhymes with "Rotblatt")!

You Look GREAT!

Unfortunately, giving compliments should ???but too often isn't??? a two-way street. So expecting a compliment (sheesh, are we being too SUBTLE for ya here, Steve?!!) instead of just GIVING THEM, is... well, it sorta defeats the whole "selflessly giving unto others" thing, that we've heard about but haven't quite yet mastered ourselves. But we're working on it at our charm school.

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So set a better example than we are right now by sending out a Rubber Chicken Compliment card. Then you can actually PROVE you're being the better person (than us). Which we think is great, because sometimes after we do something nice, we later want to throw that little fact back in the face of some ungrateful slob who never compliments all OUR hard work (if he hasn't gotten our point by now, then we just give up). So give a Rubber Chicken Compliment card today, and soon you will have created this enormous paper-trail of goodwill leading right back to yourself. And you'll never have to request that the NSA turn this evidence over to you. No! Instead, thanks to our efficient database system, the proof'll be right here on your RubberChickenCards.com "proof of your good-person-ness" page, saying "sent by a wonderfully thoughtful person: YOU!"

Dew On Two Otters

Secretly (or in OUR case, not so secretly) we all may wish people gave us more compliments (Rotblatt, we're STILL looking in your direction)! Shoot, now look what he made us do! Ahh, what were we just saying again? Oh yeah, it's a wonderful feeling when OTHERS acknowledge the great job we're doing! But instead of holding our collective breaths waiting for that day, we're just gonna send out these freakin' thoughtful Compliment Cards and hope that a certain stupid self-absorbed idiot notices [sentence is deliberately self-contradicting, correct before publishing]! ...If Freud were still alive, he'd have a field day with us! ;)
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