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Economy (1)

The economy stinks. So let's laugh about it with an Economy ecard.

Economy - "Juicy Juice"
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The Juicy Juice girls, Kimmie and her best friend, get a manicure and discuss how they will try and reverse the bad economy.
Economy cards

Want To Hear Something Funny?

Have the recent economic hard times left you or someone you care about "high and dry"? And we do NOT mean that in the medical marijuana sense (although we DO have a prescription)! Like so many people right now, have you suddenly become aware that what was once your cash "flow" slowed down to barely a trickle? Boy, can we ever relate!

The Streets Are Paved with What Exactly?!?

Sure, lately the economy hasn't been what you might like to call "booming". And this whole time we here at Rubber Chicken Cards were being told that the Ecard industry was absolutely "recession-proof". Of course we were told that by the same guy who told us to invest in AIG and Enron because they both were "too big to fail" (thanks a lot for the crummy advice, DAD)!

No Time Like the Present

But what better time than now, during this current crisis, to share a laugh and a smile with the people you care most about? Like my mother always used to say, "Go bail your father out, he's in jail again for money laundering!"...wait, she used to say something else that was relevant. What was it? Oh yeah, "Smile, honey, it don't cost you nuthin!" Obviously my mother was in denial about a lot of things, not least of which was that there's a the virtual "standing army" of Beverly Hills plastic surgeons and orthodontists who'd gladly refute her hypothesis. Be that as it may, we here a Rubber Chicken Cards salute your unflagging optimism and your willingness to share it with others. There's people on Wall Street we wish would follow your example! Maybe you can get them to pay us all back while you're at it.

Shout Hallelujah, Come On Get Happy!

As an antidote to the economists "stinkin thinkin", we want to help you brighten the mood a little. So we made a card to show that dumb economy who's really boss (Hint: it's not your boss, or mine!). We made an economy ecard for everyone who might be questioning what's coming next, tsunami or clear skies.

Trust Us, We're Animators!

Have faith, there really is a light at the end of the tunnel. And THIS time it's not an on-coming train! So here, share this card we made for what will, no doubt be better times ahead (no, seriously, check the link above and see for yourself). We want to acknowledge not only do we know that we're are we all in the same boat together, but that it's up to all of us to keep this leaky thing afloat and point in the right direction. OMG, I LOVE METAPHORS!! You know what metaphors are like? They're like... ah... well, I know they're like something. Anyway, this world-wide recession is stupid and we know you think so too.

Better Than Obamacare!

Maybe our Ecards can't improve the current financial downturn by themselves, but the laughter of our loved ones is priceless (so, bite us, Mastercard!). Share this with someone who could use a little hope.

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