Father's Day (55)

Rubber Chicken Cards has over 42 Father's Day ecards, some funny and some sweet. Send one to your father now to make him laugh on this special day.

Father's Day Ecards

Many of us find Father's Day confusing. What to do. Acknowledgements that work for Moms, flowers, perfume, her first tattoo, just may seem inappropriate, the wrong scent, or a tad too late for a Dad. And you wonder, does he really care about this stuff? The answer is yes but he probably won't tell you. He'll probably act like it's no big deal if you remember it's Father's Day or not.

Send Love to your Papa with an Ecard

And if you do remember him on his special day, he may not appreciate the pipe because he has just, unbeknownst to you, given up the hookah.

Funny Animated Greeting Cards for Dad

So again - what to do. The whole idea gets you to thinking about your time with him over the years and those occasions that showed you just how special a person he is.

He Was There for You... And Now...

Like the time you weren't picked for little league and he took you out for chili cheese dogs and told you all about the little known greats of professional curling.

Ah Memory Lane

Or that time you tripped that snotty b of a swan in Piedmont Elementary's first grade production of Swan Lake and after they got you two untangled he told your teacher you suffered from ornithophobia?

Just You and Your Father

Or when he took you fishing. Sure you may not have caught anything or discussed world events but you had the ENTIRE day with him. Just you and him, hanging together, eating tuna sandwiches and swatting squiters.

Not Just the Fun Stuff

And then there was the day Uncle Jim died in that unfortunate, ill executed trapeze exchange and you told your Dad you were absolutely positive Uncle Jim went to Heaven despite that dumb mix up over the medical marijuana and his penchant for striped tights and your Dad's face turned all purple and he cried...and you'd never seen him cry...and hugged you tight and kissed your ear...which was really loud...and he'd never done any of that before and though you were stunned...it felt really great. Cause you'd helped him and you'd never known til then that you could help him because - well Dads didn't need help. Or so you thought.

For Your Unique Dad

There are all kinds of Dads out there. Huggers and helpers and humphers. Single Dads. Married Dads. Divorced Dads. Suit Dads and denim Dads. Dads who favor Bridge over Baseaball, Opera over Olympics, Hiking over Hurling . Basketball over Breakin Broncs. But whatever kind of Dad you have we here at Rubber Chicken cards have the exact right Dad's Day ecard for your particular, unique, peculiarly perfect Pop. From the Muse, Breeder Brothers, Moon McFadden, Louise the Angel to the Professors we've got the superlative sentiment for you and your sire.

Whatever You Call Him

And whether you call him "Dad" "Papa" "Pa" "Daddy" "Sir" or "Chuck" we have THE card for you to tell him that of all the Father's in the world...you're honored that he's yours. We've even left room for you to scribble a request for a raise in your allowance or to remember you in his will with the Chevy.