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Friday the 13th (1)

Send a funny Friday the 13th Ecards from Rubber Chicken Cards

Friday the 13th - "Frankie and Eddie"
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The bird-brained duo have a conflict as to whether Friday the 13th is lucky or unlucky.
 Friday the 13th

Bite thy Nails

Are you or a friend scared/excited for Friday the 13th? Are you one of those new-age, numerology-obsessed, incense-burning hippies? Just feeling lucky? Please - right this way. Oh, wait. Disclaimers: Friggatriskaidekaphobia is used to describe people with a morbid fear of Friday the 13th. If you're one of those unlucky few, this section is DEFINITELY not for you.

Misery and Woe

However, if you're in Italy (and not sitting down to dinner with 12 other people), send some luck around the internet to those less civilized regions of our world where Friday the 13th is a day of misery and woe. Remember! The only luck is the luck you make yourself. So get busy. It's Friday the 13th. Unless you're a follower of Buddha, of course. In that case there is no luck. Wrap your brain around THAT.

Don't Go Outside

Unless it's just to the store and back. Oh! And don't park in the 13th spot from the entrance. And don't pick up EXACTLY 13 items. Make that impulse buy. Today of all days, it might just save you some hassle. But what if you're one of those people who says "Damn the numbers! I don't care what my star sign is! I'm not a hippie, I make my own luck." Well then, good news. Friday the 13th is also lucky! So go out there, face your fears (or lack thereof) and send an e-card. Because, let's face it. You've got friends who won't even make it past the laptop today. Wusses.


Fridays are great. Unless they fall on the 13th. Then, all of a sudden no matter how nice the day, how fat your paycheck, or how well you slept the night before, good old Murphy and his laws will run into you at a stoplight. Might as well not fight it and stay home. Watch a movie. Read a book. Send some e-cards to your friends who are similarly shaking in their proverbial boots. You might all be a pack of sissies, but at least you've got a great sense of humor.


Don't believe in luck at all? Does the idea of chance abhor you? Do you find gambling of any kinda? sinful? While you might be out of luck in this section of the site, many other greetings await to be unearthed! All ya gotta do is navigate to the "Search Categories" section and find one ya dig, ya dig? Good luck! Oh, sorry.

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