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Come Party with Us!

Our Rubber Chicken Invitation Cards say, "We politely request your presence and/or your participation in our event", unlike anything else online... okay, who are we kidding? More like, "unlike anything on this PAGE!"


Just to talk a little smack about our competition, ... ALL other online card companies IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD stink a big one and Rubber Chicken Invitation Cards don't. "Why?", you ask... because we here at RCC ALWAYS "courtesy flush"! "Why?", you ask yet again. Because we here at Rubber Chicken Cards had roommates at university, so we KNOW the importance of not stinking. "No", you clarify, "Why? as in, 'why are you sharing so much inappropriate information!'"

We Especially Kick E-vite's Virtual Butt!

Right now the current state of the invitation card is basically "pick an illustration and send it". And then they allow you to track everyone who's coming and all their ridiculously terrible reasons for not coming. Whereas, we here at Rubber Chicken Cards don't have anything close to that. We don't care about their excuses, to paraphrase "For Colored Girls Who Considered Suicide/When the Rainbow Was 'Enuf", ...OMG, that title's so long we forgot the quote... Siri! What's the quote from "FCGWCS/WRWE"?!

Oh, Now We Remember!

Here's the quote that inspired us to NOT track the lame excuses of sorry losers who aren't coming to your event: "Save your 'SORRY', one thing I don't need are anymore apologies. I got 'sorry' greeting me at the front door... I can't even get to the clothes in my closet for all the 'sorries'!" A little bitter, we know, but hey, "it's your party", right? So, anyway, we made a bunch of Invite cards for you. And we invite you to use these cards to invite people to your stuff. We are very proud of them. So...the ball's in your court now.

And Now a Bunch of Phoney Correspondence We Think Will Motivate You to Send Out Our RCC Invite if!

This one (not really) is from "Evie" of Belmont Shores, CA (seriously, we TOTALLY wrote this all ourselves): "Dear People at the Chicken Ranch. You suck in the category of Invitations (geez, we can be our own worst critics, can't we?!). My daughter and I love your cards and think that you are the best we have ever seen.(modest brag, much us?!) But your invitation area is weak and boring (here we go again with that 'stinkin' thinkin') . We have a baby shower to prepare for. We looked all over for an invitation ecard that set things up for us (yadda yadda, we go on like this for awhile). Blah blah blah, make more Invite cards."
signed, (fake) Evie
Sorry, "Evie" and everyone else, let us make it all up to you this way: sign up for a free trial account here, to send unlimited free eCards for 10 days!