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Animated Ecards Paper Greeting Cards

Just for the Peck of It (14)

If you want something Just for the Peck of It, choose these Rubber Chicken Cards.

Compliments - "Packrats"
Views: 6131
Ed and Ruth, the collectors, have been collecting the best compliments for years and years.
Compliment - "Kimmi the Juice Girl"
Views: 4860
Kimmi the Juice Girl lays on a huge compliment to her BFF.
Birthday - "Flashback Boys"
Views: 4848
The timeless ones from the 60's are part of the Universal Hip Hop experiment in this musical birthday eCard.
Gimme Day - "The Breeder Brothers"
Views: 4038
Jim and Jimmy, the Breeder Brothers, dole out some advice on "Gimme Day" the day where someone has to give you a gift if you ask for it.
The Ego - "Flashback Boys"
Views: 8457
Our boys with the brain power of wet tissue grapple with one of life's big challenges: the ego.
Great Day - "Good Cop/Bad Cop"
Views: 5295
The great detectives are all over a suspect who may or may not be having a great day.
Global Warming - "Flashback Boys"
Views: 5475
The boys with only one brain cell left, sweat in the summer heat and worry about Global Warming.
Health - Diet - "Ellen and Winsor"
Views: 8015
Ellen and her cat Winsor ponder the mystery of why Ellen gains weight even though she eats perfectly.
Health - Diet - "Breeder Brothers"
Views: 5557
Jim and Jimmy Jim give some snappy advice on how to cut down on yer eatin' and lose weight.
Economy - "Juicy Juice"
Views: 8690
The Juicy Juice girls, Kimmie and her best friend, get a manicure and discuss how they will try and reverse the bad economy.
Foot and Lip Day - "Breeder Brothers"
Views: 8349
The Breeder Brothers, Jim and Jimbo, create a brand new holiday called Foot and Lip Day, during which they celebrate, you guessed it, both feet and lips.
Affirmation - "Guptah"
Views: 4853
The great Quikmart sage leads us to have better thoughts.
Legalize Pot - "Just for the Peck of It"
Views: 4405
The Flashback Boys, with only one brain cell left between them from overuse of recreational drugs, realize that pot is now legal. The dialogue that ensues puts them on the very forefront of logic... or maybe not.
Hurricane Season - "Beezle Bob"
Views: 7909
Beezle Bob, or the evil one, has a few buds over for a beverage to chat about how to make life really wonderful for everyone. They contemplate ways to put poeple in touch with how great life is, like food poisoning. Not realizing how destructive they are, the trio ends up by creating hurricanes. Ooops. Even the Devil isn't happy with the result.
Just For the Peck of It cards

Here's Our "Catch-All", Y'all!

So these cards are like that drawer you toss everything into 'cause you never know later when you might need it and if you do then, there it is. You know what we mean? It's THAT kind of card. Kind of like when you want to say, "Hey, I don't really need a reason to send you a laugh, but I like you and what the hay, it makes me happy to let you know that I'm thinking of you". But these cards do that in a less wordy, more focused way.

Our Train of Thought's Jumped its Tracks...Again

If you're in any way like us, --and for your sake we kind of hope you are... at least in the sense of our few good qualities... but then again, that would mean you're probably NOTHING like us, 'cause we're all bad (in the Michael-Jackson-album-title meaning of "bad")-- ahh, we were going somewhere with this, any ideas? Siri, a little help here?!

The Rules of Distraction

Because we've all received too many of those tired and over-used memes --whatever the hell a "meme" is. We used to think "meme" was just someone who'd typed the word, ME, twice in a row, by accident! But then one of our younger, more tech-savvy friends schooled us on the ways of the web. And we are better people because of it-- wow, we really are easily distracted. But we know you aren't... easily distracted, that is. Which is why we created this original category of eGreetings to send to those you care about. HA! Didn't think we could segue ourselves outta THAT one, didja?! To be honest, neither did we... and we're exhausted. But, sometimes you just want to send something goofy and amusing for no good reason at all, but you still want to be sure what people are receiving from you is still special and unique. Hence, our justification for creating our Rubber Chicken "Just for the Peck of It" eCards. Phew, now we need a nap.

Appropriately Inappropriate

Our "Just for the Peck of It" eGreetings are a fun way to delight (and to possibly perplex) those you care most about. We can pretty much guarantee they've not yet gotten a " Happy Foot and Lip Day" ecard from anyone else but you. So, why should the good-natured fun of April Fools be relegated to just ONE day a year? This category celebrates sharing happy surprises and laughter all year round with those who really "get" you. And what could be better to share with your friends and family? Co-workers too --at least the ones you like. Not like those you-know-whos, who've never smiled a day in their lives and if they ever got one of these eCards from you they would just be all that more humorless and annoying than they already are... Oh, HI, MR. ROTBLATT, sir! Yes, sir, we are just talking about this "Just for the Peck of It" eCards, sir. Yes, it IS a confusing and annoying category, sir. Do you want us to try to explain the Foot and Lip card to you again, sir? Okay, we won't bother then, sir.--Ugh, see what we mean? He'll never get it! But your friends and family will appreciate receiving these eGreetings from you! Oh, no, he's coming back, quick, we have to look busy.

Inappropriately Appropriate

This section isn't just full of tongue-in-cheek "prankster" eCards, oh no, this category also offers sweet and encouraging (they're still funny, but more inspiring) eGreeting as a way to boost the morale of those who get them from you. Okay, maybe the Breeder Brothers one isn't very inspiring, but the Windsor and Whats-her-Name animation is. And Guptah's always sharing a very positive message, so she'sa good one to send a friend. Look around and you're bound to find a bunch more surprises here too.

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