Mother's Day (62)

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Mother's Day card

Happy Mother's Day!

Celebrate the greatest Mom in your life, by sending her a Rubber Chicken Mother's Day card NOW! The modern holiday of Mother's Day, at least according to Wikipediac , was first celebrated in 1908, when Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her own mother in Grafton, West Virginia. Anna's mother, Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis, devoted her life to improving the heath and living conditions of people in her community. She raised money to buy medicine and to provide assistants to work in the homes of women suffering from tuberculosis. Ann organized "Mother's Day Clubs which created programs to inspect milk, long before the State ever did. These clubs provided medical training to women as well. Mrs. Jarvis gave lectures promoting cooperation and understanding as well as raising the status of mothers in society. She spoke of her dream to have a day in which Americans would honor all mothers. As a result her daughter, Anna Jarvis, began her personal campaign to make "Mother's Day" a nationally recognized holiday in the United States. Anna kept promoting the holiday until President Woodrow Wilson finally made the day an official national holiday in 1914

Don't Let Hallmark and Tele-Florists Control Mother's Day!

Send OUR Mother's Day cards out, instead(have we no shame?)! Anna Jarvis was repulsed by the almost immediate exploitation of the holiday she spent her life trying to establish. Florists, greeting card and candy companies JUMPED on Mother's Day, making it second only to Christmas as the biggest holiday to move their products. Sure, we here at Rubber Chicken Cards ARE part of the vast, world-wide "eGreetings-Industrial-Complex", but the reason WE want you to send out RCC Mother's Day cards --instead of those grossly commercialized card companies cards-- is, because we KNOW our eGreetings are what your mom (and wife and grandmother) wants. We asked her, we have lunch together ALL the time. And she wants us to tell you that she's very proud of you. And then she makes us eat everything on our plate and take our elbows off the table. THAT sounds like her, right?!

Thank the Moms in Your Life

Mother's Day is celebrated internationally, but on different days. We wonder why we can't celebrate moms EVERY day! After all, mothers work every day and NEVER get a day off! So, let your mom and ALL the important moms in your life, know how much you appreciate their hard work, send a Rubber Chicken Mother's Day card out to them RIGHT NOW! And, we'd also like to say to you, "don't sit so close to the computer, sweetheart, it's not so good for your eyes... and are you SURE have enough clean underwear?!?"
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