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Musical (66)

Send a funny and sweet Musical Ecard from Rubber Chicken Cards

Bastille Day - "Cowboy Fritz"
Views: 8611
Fritz the Bavarian Cowboy sings a ridiculous song about the storming of the Bastille in mock German.
Labor Day -"Del la Noche
Views: 7622
The great Latin lover and singer puts on his Rosie the Riveter hat and sings a song of the worker.
St. Patrick's Day - "Frankie and Eddie"
Views: 7956
The dancing and singing birds try to get a St. Patrick's day song right, but Eddie messes everything up - again.
Fouth of July - "Singin' Cowboy Bob"
Views: 4881
Cowboy Bob and his horse Spitoon offer their 4th of July salutations.
New Years and Christmas - "Breeder Brothers Jug Band"
Views: 7248
The family that plays together stays together in this Christmas musical extravaganza.
Thinkin' of You - "Singin' Cowboy Bob"
Views: 6388
Singin' Cowboy Bob and his horse Spitoon, yodel their way through a "Thinkin' of You" song.
Christmas - "Singin' Cowboy Bob"
Views: 8999
Singin' Cowboy Bob and Spitoon the Wonderhorse round-up a very special Christmas surprise for y'all.
Congratulations - "Singin' Cowboy Bob"
Views: 8967
Pullin' into town, Cowboy Bob andhis horse, Spitoon, strum and singa congratulatory tune.
Mother's Day - "Singin' Cowboy Bob"
Views: 4169
Just what your Mama wanted for Mother's Day...a yodelin' cowboy and a horse named Spitoon.
Father's Day - "Singin' Cowboy Bob"
Views: 7534
Surrounded by buttes and sittin' on his ol' horse Spitoon, Cowboy Bob yodels a Fathers Day tune.
Congratulations - "Larry the Loungeman"
Views: 4700
Larry the tipsy lounge singer warbles a ditty of congratulations.
Hanukkah - "Singin' Cowboy Bob"
Views: 8370
Singin' Cowboy Bob and his horse Spitoon are filled with the spirit of a prairie Hanukkah as they yodel a deeply spiritual ditty.
Father's Day - "Two Fools"
Views: 5464
Two "old time jesters" sing a pathetically bad Happy Father's Day song and tell jokes that really stink.
Anniversary - Larry the Loungeman
Views: 6158
Larry, the tipsy lounge pianist, and his brother Barry sing a Happy Anniversary duet of great nonesense and stupidity. In the end the lights go out in the dilapidated bar, and Larry has to look for his drink in the dark. This ecard is voiced by the original partners in Rubber Chicken Cards, Richard Zobel and Steven Rotblatt.
Mother's Day - "Larry the Loungeman"
Views: 7730
Here's a little tune from Larry for Mother's Day. His mother must've been very, very special.
Christmas - "Two Fools"
Views: 6244
Our favorite ???Fools??? come a-caroling with Happy Holiday tidings of reindeer and rum.
Great Day - "Two Fools"
Views: 4763
Our inept jesters seranade with a lilting toon and a couple of rotten jokes.
Birthday - "Frankie and Eddie"
Views: 4663
In this birthday eCard, Frankie, the singin' bird, exacts a standard of high quality from Eddie, his drummer, for a birthday tune.
Valentine's Day - "Frankie and Eddie"
Views: 7754
Our lead singer, Frankie, and his musician, Eddie rock out for Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day - "Cowboy Bob"
Views: 6802
Cowboy Bob and his good ole partner, Spitoon, yodel out a Valentine's day duet for horse and Cowboy.
Thinking of You - "Frankie and Eddie"
Views: 6077
Our musical fowl hammer out a sweet thinking of you ballad.
Thanks to the Troops - "Singin' Cowboy Bob"
Views: 4540
In this thank you ecard, our Singin' Cowboy, this time with his little Sister Cowgirl Annie, sing a duet for the troops.
Tax Day - "Frankie and Eddie"
Views: 8716
Our two singin' bird music combo, kicks up a warm love hate song to the IRS man.
Thinking of You - "Bongo and Tone"
Views: 8131
Our two beatniks pitter patter a Thinking of You Beat Poem.
Mother's Day - "Frankie and Eddie"
Views: 6048
Musical birds of a feather croon a Mother's Day tune.
Graduation - "Singin' Cowboy Bob"
Views: 6036
The ole Cowboy himself rides the range and yodels a fine one for the successful graduate.
Love - "Bongo and Tone"
Views: 8717
Our jazz artists spin out the cool rays of love.
Birthday - "Flashback Boys"
Views: 4838
The timeless ones from the 60's are part of the Universal Hip Hop experiment in this musical birthday eCard.
Labor Day - "Frankie and Eddie"
Views: 7713
The feathered dancing and singin' duo hammer out an uplifting homage to the worker.
Birthday - "Breeder Brothers Jug Band"
Views: 8881
A Musical Birthday eCard Message from the Breeder Brothers (and assorted family members....) and, yepper they're actually playing the washboard and a "tuned pair" of whisky jugs.
Dating - "Woody Guppie"
Views: 6688
"Woody Guppie", Our Folksingin' Fish, sings a sort of old timey ballad about's a mighty hard road.
Boss Day - "Singin' Cowboy Bob"
Views: 6721
Singin' Cowboy Bob and his good ole partner Spitoon sing out a prairie tune in honor of Boss' Day.
Birthday - "Singin' Cowboy Bob" Close Cap
Views: 8059
The Close Caption birthday eCard version of Singin' Cowboy Bob and his partner Spitoon, flingin' a yodel over the high plains.
Mother-in-Law Day - "Frankie and Eddie"
Views: 8209
That fowl singin' duo sing a song about the modern Mother-in-Law.
Christmas - "Frankie and Eddie"
Views: 4570
Eddie, the musician, playing too loudly on the bells, once again disappoints Frankie.
Christmas - "Max Rock"
Views: 7843
Max the garage band rocker, plunks out a Christmas tune.
Belated Birthday - "Woody Guppie"
Views: 6735
In this birthday eCard, the singin' fish sings a sad and shameful tune about a birthday missed.
New Years - "Frankie and Eddie"
Views: 7097
Frankie doesn't think getting "blasted" is the way to greet the New Year.
New Years - "Cowboy Bob"
Views: 5061
"COWBOY BOB & Good Ol' SPITOON" yodel and spit their way into the New Year.
Valentines Day - "Two Fools"
Views: 4301
The lute strummin' duo, delivers a Valentines message with a couple of rotten jokes and a really bad song.
Presidential Elections - "Singin' Cowboy Bob"
Views: 8033
Cowboy Bob and his methane producing horse, Spitoon, run for the White House.
President's Day - "Frankie and Eddie"
Views: 4094
Our fowl singin' and dancing duo, sing an upbeat President's Day song.
Valentine's Day (Broken Heart) - "Breeder Brothers Jug Band"
Views: 5657
Our Jug Band stomps and harmonizes to a deeply felt Valentine's Day tune.
Work Week (Monday) - "Frankie and Eddie"
Views: 6624
The tappin', slappin' duo render a lively tune about going to work on a Monday.
Tax Day - "Woody Guppie"
Views: 7151
Our Minnow Minstrel sings his famous Tax Day Blues.
Mother's Day - "Woody Guppie"
Views: 6799
Our Folksingin' Fish sings a heartfelt tune for every one of you Mothers.
Work Week (Friday) - "Frankie and Eddie"
Views: 8923
That bouncin', boppin' feathered due have a musical tiff about whether Friday is a good work day or bad.
Love - "Breeder Brothers Jug Band"
Views: 6673
When you can't say the darn L word, and you're just crazy about someone, you pull out the washboard and start singin'.
Friendship - "Frankie and Eddie"
Views: 7436
That bee-boppin' duo croon a sweet tune that connects friends.
Birthday - "Woody Guppie"
Views: 8341
In this birthday eCard, the folksingin' fish and his mandolin toting friend, bubble forth a deeply felt birthday love tune.
Father's Day - "Woody Guppie"
Views: 4231
Our Folksingin' Fish strums a sweet tune for a deserving dad.
Bon Voyage - "Larry the Loungeman"
Views: 8808
Larry, slurpin' on a tall pink one, ripples the ivories and croons a Bon Voyage dittie.
Sympathy - "Frankie and Eddie"
Views: 8318
The singing, dancing birds smooth over the rough feathers of grief. Disclaimer: You might want to check to make sure the person your are sending to has a sense of humor in their sorrow.
Register to Vote - "Cowboy Bob"
Views: 6528
The singin' cowboy and his spittin' horse make it easy to register to vote. This website appears at the end of the card:
Get Well - "Frankie and Eddie"
Views: 8740
The singing dancing duo sing a song of wellness.
Love & Apology - "Woody Guppie"
Views: 8070
The Folksingin' fish sings a ballad of Love & Apology.
Back to School - "Frankie and Eddie"
Views: 7906
That boppin', dancin' duo whips up a back to school song with an upbeat flavor.
Hello - "Woody Guppie"
Views: 8825
The Folksingin' Fish warbles a thinking of you tune called "Hey, Hi, Howdy, Hello!"
Halloween - "Frankie and Eddie"
Views: 7832
The feathered song birds, FRANKIE AND EDDIE, sing a light and happy song to keep away the boogeyman.
Great Day - "Frankie and Eddie"
Views: 5211
That bee-boppin' dancin' feathered duo sing an uplifting song heralding a "Great Day."
Hanukkah - "Larry the Loungeman"
Views: 6671
Larry and his brother Barry, crack a few jokes and sing an almost moving version of "Dreidl" to celebrate Hanukkah.
Christmas - "Furball Franny"
Views: 8160
The Mistress of furball mayhem shares some fireside Christmas memories.
Valentine's Day - "Woody Guppie"
Views: 5254
Our Folk Singin' Fish croons a sorta "Be My Valentine....or else" song.
Tax Day - "Two Fools"
Views: 4288
The jesters sing a Tax Day dittie and tell a few bad Tax Day jokes in celebration.
Birthday - "Broadway"
Views: 4846
A mini-broadway musical set at a diner. Dave and Rusty sing about how to say "Happy Birthday" in this birthday eCard.
President's Day - "Larry the Loungeman"
Views: 6979
The worst Lounge singer in the world belts out a tune commemorating the American President.