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Oktoberfest (1)

Send a funny Oktoberfest Ecard from Rubber Chicken Cards

Oktoberfest - "Happy Hour"
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The inebriated canines toss down a few Oktoberfest brews and laugh a whole lot.
 October Fest

Day of Drunkening

It's that time of year again. October. The ghouls are out an' what? Oh, yeah Halloween's not until the 31st. Well, what better way to pass thirty straight days than with copius amounts of hops and barley (not to mention more than a few brats)? Yes, folks, Oktoberfest has returned, so tell your liver to sit down, shut up, and send an e-card for Oktoberfest! The time-honored traditions of the Germanic peoples involving beer steins, lederhosen, and non-coherent rambling are again in full swing. Even though the Germans start it in September (they must have spaced the date) these Oktoberfest cards are, like alcohol, good year-round. So make your friends proud while simultaneously giving them loads of blackmail ammunition to lay upon your children. "I remember that time your father tried to arm wrestle Gunter - he was never quite the same after that!!

That's What Friends Are For

Unless you've got a frequent flyer miles card, you're probably not going to be in Germany this year for all the true Oktoberfest festivities so a perfect substitute would be a tall stein, a dark brew, and an e-card to send to your friends in Germany. You know, the ones that all bought tickets for Oktoberfest without telling you, then pretended to cover it up by saying they were taking a backpacking trip in Spain with some guy named Rodrigo (they live in Iowa). To add insult to injury, you find photos of the event on Facebook, tactlessly posted on your wall. Needless to say we know you won't be sending them a card. But we do know you'll be photoshopping yourself into those pictures. It's okay. We don't judge here.

Oktoberfest Safety

Nobody wants to be the one boorish American in a bunch of Germans asking how to pronounce "Stecklerfisch" (grilled fish on a stick), so here's a few tips to make your Oktoberfest easier: wear a silly hat and you're a tourist: wear lederhosen and fit right in. If you're planning to try and drink a Bavarian under the table, well, good luck. Remember: beer before beer you're in the clear. And finally, and most importantly: pace thyself, young grasshopper.

I Know What You're Thinking!

You suave, debonair hunk you. You thought it'd be easy to just go to Oktoberfest and be the one guy all the girls are stumbling around after. Except you never counted on that Australian guy with the thick hair and even ticker accent to swoop on your chicks! But you know what you've got that he doesn't got? E-cards, my friend. E-cards.

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