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Animated Ecards Paper Greeting Cards

Spring Holidays and Ecards (14)

St. Patrick's Day - "Professors"
Views: 8711
What was the real truth about St. Patrick? Was he kidnapped by pirates? Did he drive the snakes out of Ireland? The Professors know!
Mother's Day - " Flashback Boys"
Views: 8632
Two aging hippies contemplate a world without mothers.
Easter - "The Roadshow"
Views: 5555
Dale Vacwit brings an ancient Easter bonnet to the show to discover that it is worth a fortune... maybe.
The local Rabbi's son comes to the Juice Bar in this Juicy Juicy funny Passover card.
Views: 6221
Kimmie, the Juicy Juice girl, tries to get her Rabbi customer to get her off work for Passover.
Memorial Day - "Ellen and Winsor"
Views: 7479
Winsor helps Ellen to understand the true meaning and sentiment of Memorial Day.
St. Patrick's Day - "Roadshow"
Views: 7555
Dale Vacwit, idiot, thinks that his wife's pot plant is the pot 'o gold.
Let your inner Muse do the talking in our second "Muse" virtual Passover ecard.
Views: 8971
The Cuban Muse talks about the hardship in life that comes before the freedom.
Mother's Day #2 - "God"
Views: 8119
On Mother's Day, God praises your mother as the best in the world.
Easter - "General Store"
Views: 6637
Bert comes into the General Store to grab some items for his Easter party.
Earth Day - "Sister Mary"
Views: 5429
Sister Mary, on Earth Day, after a celebration, trips and ends up in a vision, floating on a sea of trash. God then lets her know that she can do something about it.
Mother's Day #2 - "Rube Goldberg"
Views: 4475
A beautiful breakfast is server from a Rube Goldberg like contraption for Mother's Day. Tell your Momma you love her!
Cinco de Mayo - "Taco Truck"
Views: 7013
At the Taco Truck, the magical chef cooks up a feast of happiness for Cinco de Mayo.
Admin Assistant's Day - "Louise the Angel"
Views: 6631
Louise the Angel is celebrating Admin Professional's Day because that's what she is in heaven.
Shavuot - "De la noche"
Views: 7285
The great latin singer, De la noche, bellows a song that honors the Jewish holiday that that celebrates the giving of the Torah.

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