Sweet Chicken (51)

Send a Sweeter more heartfelt ecard with our Sweet Chicken collection - Part of the Rubber Chicken Card collection

For 10 years Rubber Chicken Cards toiled to make life a bit funnier. We worked with the best and most fun voice over folks in the world, we created animations that millions views and sent around the globe, and we ignored everyone that wanted a sweeter version of our garbage. Finally we said, "Hey, let's make a sweeter version of our stuff," as if we had created the idea.

Well we worked on it for a couple of years and we love it and the response has been great. Why not make a sweet ecard that opens the heart and that you can send to anyone, even someone without a sense of humor. Check out what one person told us not long ago.

"My Aunt, who I am very close to, does not have a sense of humor. In fact, more jokes are made about her in one week about not having a sense of humor than there are jokes that she might laugh at if she did. We used to send her Rubber Chicken Cards. She didn't laugh. Then we found your Sweet Chicken Cards. By golly, that did the trick. The woman was happy. We are happy. Thanks for switching gears a little to help the humorly challenged."