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Animated Ecards Paper Greeting Cards

Sweet Chicken (51)

Send a Sweeter more heartfelt ecard with our Sweet Chicken collection - Part of the Rubber Chicken Card collection

Valentine's Day #2 - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 4261
Music and paintings create a heartfelt expression on Valentine's Day.
Father's Day Foodie Cutie - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 5275
Vignettes of father's day puns that honor our fathers.
Mother's Day - "Foodie Cutie"
Views: 4507
Sweet and funny food puns to make you giggle
Valentine's Day - "Cutie Foodie"
Views: 6896
Vaudeville Food Fun in short scenes full of love featuring food puns.
Rosh Hashanah - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 5708
In this Rosh Hashana Jewish New Year ecard, images, music, and words remind us of the sweetness of the new year.
Thinking of You - "Kidz Cards"
Views: 6537
One of the kids in Cleffhorn Butte is thinking of her Grandma and Grandpa.
Valentine's Day (to Grandparents) - "Kidzcard"
Views: 6295
One of our Kidz expresses her love on Valentine's Day. This is one of our more heartfelt cards.
Thinking of You - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 4831
A heartfelt card with nature images about being in relationship. This is a card you can send to anyone.
Birthday - "SweetChicken Card"
Views: 4110
In this birthday eCard, desserts appear and disappear, honoring the sweetness of the upcoming year.
Sympathy - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 5806
In this hearthfelt Sweet Chicken card a series of images, music, and words create a moving tribute to a loved one.
Congratulations - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 4913
Using music, words, and animation this heartfelt card celebrates a great event in your friend's life.
Thank You - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 8948
In this thank you ecard, jaunty music and thank you in many languages pepper this fun greeting.
Birthday (Zen) - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 6188
In this birthday eCard, music and serene images flow to honor a more heartfelt birthday.
Send this Love ecard
Views: 7835
Using images of nature, animation, words, and music, this card is an expression of deep love and sweet romance.
New Baby - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 4288
A more heartfelt card-toon. New babies fly in on balloons, ready for their new parents.
Birthday (Folk Art) - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 8264
In this birthday eCard, in a small town, a very special birthday is coming.
Someone is sick and you want to send a sweet animated get well ecard - this is the one.
Views: 5784
In this Sweet Chicken card the dog is having a really bad day. But things are looking up in the end.
Apology - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 8240
A heartfelt apology using the cliches of getting into trouble.
Birthday (Rube Goldberg) - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 7586
In this unique birthday eCard, this toon is an homage to Rube Goldberg machines as we assemble a birthday cake.
Halloween (Folk Town) - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 4046
Little Jim is scared to death on Halloween in his small town.
Thanksgiving - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 7620
A heartfelt reminder with music and videos of what we cherish most on Thanksgiving.
Happy Holidays - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 4534
Using words, sweet music, and holiday images, this heartfelt holiday card expresses warm holiday wishes.
Christmas - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 4106
In the North Pole Santa is creating magical toys for Christmas.
Birthday (Western) - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 5441
In this birthday eCard, two grissly cowboys duel it out, with a sweet ending, in this Sweeter more heartfelt card.
Valentine's Day - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 5674
Scenes of love in many countries create a special way to say "I love You."
Mother's Day - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 7188
A heartfelt celebration of mothers in words and images.
Father's Day - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 8729
Music and images celebrate a great father - you!
Birthday (Boy) - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 7278
In the birthday ecards, a series of scenes suggest the big ways that a young boy can spend his birthday.
Birthday (Girl) - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 8275
In the birthday ecards, a series of scenes suggest the big ways that a young girl can spend her birthday.
Encouragement - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 4067
In this heartfelt ecard, words, music, and images deliver encouragement and love.
Send this sweet Birthday Rube Goldberg #2 to just about anyone.
Views: 5749
In this Rube Goldberg Birthday ecard homage, an intricate series of events sets off the blowing out of a candle.
Thank You (Rube Goldberg) - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 5154
In this Thank You ecard, a Rube Goldberg homage sets a complicated series of events in motion to say "Thank You."
Halloween (Rube Goldberg) - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 7774
In this Rube Goldberg homage card-toon, a series of complicated moves create a simple outcome.
Christmas - "Rube Goldberg Homage"
Views: 6797
This very complicated Rube Goldberg Homage machine does a simple task. This card is perfect for everyone.
Christmas #2 - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 8252
With words and images, this Sweet Chicken card creates a atmosphere of caring and warmth for Christmas.
Valentine's Day - "Rube Goldberg Homage"
Views: 8244
A fish pulls a line and starts a Valentine's Day contraption that ends in a simple gesture of love.
Anniversary - "Sweet Chicken- Gears"
Views: 6290
Light jazz music and phrases compliment this piece of animation as gears come together on the page to form a moving heart in celebration of what it takes to make a marriage. This ecard was created and animated by Kelly Wine. If you like this ecard you might want to go over to the Sweet Chicken area of the website and take a look around.
Send this sweet Passover ecard to one of your non-laughing friends.
Views: 7542
Illustrations, music, and text combine to create a beautiful and sweet-hearted Passover card.
Easter #2 - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 4992
This sweeter ecard sports words, music, and images to create a heartfelt Easter offering.
Thinking of You (from Grandparents) - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 8495
Tell your grandchild how much you love them on any given day.
Father's Day - "Rube Goldberg homage"
Views: 6565
A very complicated machine delivers a very simple message of love.
Thinking of You (hugged) - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 8671
A sweet touching over the airwaves in this Sweet Chicken card.
Hanukkah - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 7654
The glories and generosity of Hanukkah is revealed in words, images, and music.
Martin Luther King Day - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 4044
Through images, words, and music we honor Martin Luther King.
Valentine's Day #2 - "Rube Goldberg Homage"
Views: 6287
A series of complicated moves leads to a very simple outcome for Valentine's Day.
Happy Holidays - "Rube Goldberg"
Views: 4288
This complicated machine ends up in a simple happy holiday message. Rube Goldberg designed many black and white panel cartoons that celebrated turning simple ideas into complex machines. This is our homage to him and a really fun Holiday card.
Christmas #3 - "Sweet Chicken"
Views: 8623
In the Sweet Chicken Card we explore Christmas' of the world.
Thank You#2 - "Rube Goldberg"
Views: 4504
In this "Thank You" Rube Goldberg machine, a complex series of events create a hand written thank you note.
Fourth of July - "Rube Goldberg Homage"
Views: 6521
In this Rube Goldberg homage card some very complicated events produce a very simple outcome.
Birthday (Short) - Sweet Chicken
Views: 6846
A Sweet Chicken Card that lasts about 20 seconds. Short and sweet.
Valentine's Day - "Painterly" #5
Views: 7957
Using text, paintings, and music this card weaves a sweet and loving spell for you to send to the one you love.

For 10 years Rubber Chicken Cards toiled to make life a bit funnier. We worked with the best and most fun voice over folks in the world, we created animations that millions views and sent around the globe, and we ignored everyone that wanted a sweeter version of our garbage. Finally we said, "Hey, let's make a sweeter version of our stuff," as if we had created the idea.

Well we worked on it for a couple of years and we love it and the response has been great. Why not make a sweet ecard that opens the heart and that you can send to anyone, even someone without a sense of humor. Check out what one person told us not long ago.

"My Aunt, who I am very close to, does not have a sense of humor. In fact, more jokes are made about her in one week about not having a sense of humor than there are jokes that she might laugh at if she did. We used to send her Rubber Chicken Cards. She didn't laugh. Then we found your Sweet Chicken Cards. By golly, that did the trick. The woman was happy. We are happy. Thanks for switching gears a little to help the humorly challenged."