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Angel Moon McFadden (13)

The enthusiastic Scottish Angel - always happy and upbeat, looking for fun on every holiday and event. This character was created by the amazing Melissa van der Schyff, voice over genius in current cartoons. She has been with Rubber Chicken Cards for over 15 years, one of the original troop of voice artists.

Birthday - "Angel Moon McFadden"
Views: 5455
In this birthday eCard, our Scottish Angel, Moon McFadden, has a fresh idea on how to celebrate a birthday.
Angel Thanksgiving virtual card stars Angel "Moon McFadden"
Views: 7154
The upbeat and curious Angel Moon is anxious for the Thanksgiving dinner, with all of its goodies, to begin.
Christmas - "Moon McFadden"
Views: 8207
Moon, the Scottish, fun-loving angel, wants to share every minute of Christmas with her friends.
Armed Forces Day - "Angel Moon McFadden"
Views: 4293
Angel Moon McFadden and her angel friends honor the men and women of the armed forces.
The Scottish Angel "Moon McFadden" stars in this cute 4th of July ecard
Views: 7143
Scottish angel, Moon McFadden, looks from up high at the greatness of America.
Valentine's Day - "Moon McFadden"
Views: 5143
The happy Scottish angel wants to be your Valentine, offering Scottish sweet treats and walks along the Loch.
The Scottish Angel Moon McFadden stars in this online Easter eCard
Views: 7463
The Scotish angel wants to spend every minute with you on this very special day... now... now... and now.
Mother's Day - "Moon McFadden"
Views: 4634
The Scottish Angel has a beautiful day planned for the greatest mother in the world.
New Baby - "Angel Moon McFadden"
Views: 7663
The exuberant Scottish angel can't wait for the delivery of the new baby.
Who wouldn't want to receive and enjoy this bundle of fun Anniversary card starring the Scottish Angel, Moon McFadden.
Views: 6245
The Scottish Guardian Angel, Moon, has lots of ideas for the happy couple on their anniversary that involve her presence: like travel, reinactment of the wedding day, baking a new wedding cake, and a second honeymoon. This card-toon is voiced by the talented and versitile Melissa van der Schyff. If you like this character be sure to see Louise the Angel and the Muse.
Send this Back to School e card starring "Angel Moon McFadden"
Views: 6852
The Scottish Angel is really, really excited about going back to school: the books, the bells, the food fights.
Animated Marketing - Chiropractor reminders
Views: 4096
We created this card-toon to help chiropractors remind their patients of upcoming appointments.
Shop this Angel Fathers Day e card starring Moon McFadden
Views: 7787
Scottish angle, Moon McFadden, has some love to give your father on Father's Day.