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Broadway (10)

Mini-Musicals about life, love, and holidays. These cards are improvised and then set to music. For most of the cards a man, Dave, comes into a diner all depressed and the counter lady cheers him up with a song. Cards are sung by Melissa van der Schyff, Steven Rotblatt, Stephen Day, and more.

Holidays - "Broadway"
Views: 4303
Dave comes to the diner confused about what holiday foods to order. Stella, the short order cook, breaks out into song about us being all one family, no matter what foods we eat.
Birthday - "Broadway"
Views: 4627
A mini-broadway musical set at a diner. Dave and Rusty sing about how to say "Happy Birthday" in this birthday eCard.
Thinking of You - "Broadway"
Views: 6746
A young couple who haven't seen each other for while meet at the local coffee shop and burst into song. A longer than average download.
Encouragement - "Broadway"
Views: 4290
Dave is a little down feelin' in the diner and Rusty lifts his spirits with a song. Be aware, longer download on this one.
Valentine's Day - "Broadway"
Views: 5904
In the small town Diner, Dave gets some musical advice about Valentine's Day from the short-order cook, Stella.
Love - "Broadway"
Views: 8564
In this singing, dancing extravaganza set in a muffin shop, two young people meet for the first time and fall in love. This is a long download, so be patient or have broadband.
I hate work - "Broadway"
Views: 8981
Stella, the counter gal at the diner, tries to help Dave fell better about the job that he hates.
Father's Day - "Broadway"
Views: 6601
Rusty and Dave are at the Diner counter speaking about how much they love their fathers... then they break into song.
St. Patrick's Day - "Broadway"
Views: 7843
Singing a Broadway tune about everyone being Irish, Stella convinces Dave that he has the right to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, even though he is not Irish.
Rosh Hashanah - "Broadway"
Views: 4912
Dave is confused about what kind of New Years to celebrate until Stella leads him to understand that he is Jewish.