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Cowboy Bob (22)

Singing Cowboy and his Horse Spitoon sings songs of the prarie and the South West about longing, love, and daily festivities. These cards were originally the created by the genius of Richard Zobel (sadly gone) and taken over by Richard Flanders.

Mother's Day #2 - "Singin' Cowboy Bob"
Views: 7094
Cowboy Bob and his friend Spitoon the horse yodel and warble and sweet song for Mother's Day.
Christmas #2 - "Cowboy Bob"
Views: 7999
The singing cowboy and his horse, Spitoon, sing and yodel the beautiful Noel.
Birthday - "Singin' Cowboy Bob"
Views: 4343
Singin' Cowboy Bob and his odoriferous horse, Spitoon, yodel a birthday eCard greeting to you and yours.
Thinkin' of You - "Singin' Cowboy Bob"
Views: 7517
Singin' Cowboy Bob and his horse Spitoon, yodel their way through a "Thinkin' of You" song.
Christmas - "Singin' Cowboy Bob"
Views: 4016
Singin' Cowboy Bob and Spitoon the Wonderhorse round-up a very special Christmas surprise for y'all.
Thinking of You - "Singin' Cowboy Bob" Close Captioned
Views: 5697
Singin' Cowboy Bob and his horse Spitoon, yodel their way through a "Thinking of You" song. Light outhouse humor. -- Closed Caption
Thinking of You #2 - "Cowboy Bob"
Views: 6411
Cowboy Bob sings this sweet Thinkin' of You Yodel No.2 with a tip of his Ten Gallon Hat to one of the Truly Great: Jimmy Rogers, The Yodelin' Brakeman.
Register to Vote - "Cowboy Bob"
Views: 6197
The singin' cowboy and his spittin' horse make it easy to register to vote. This website appears at the end of the card: https://www.usa.gov/register-to-vote
Congratulations - "Singin' Cowboy Bob"
Views: 4469
Pullin' into town, Cowboy Bob andhis horse, Spitoon, strum and singa congratulatory tune.
Yodel this Passover with our Singing Passover ecard starring Cowboy Bob.
Views: 8185
Cowboy Bob and his Passover horse, Shlomo, head up to Freedom's Butte to yodel a Pesach tune.. This is sweet singing for a triumphant holiday.
Mother's Day - "Singin' Cowboy Bob"
Views: 6239
Just what your Mama wanted for Mother's Day...a yodelin' cowboy and a horse named Spitoon.
Father's Day - "Singin' Cowboy Bob"
Views: 6834
Surrounded by buttes and sittin' on his ol' horse Spitoon, Cowboy Bob yodels a Fathers Day tune.
Hanukkah - "Singin' Cowboy Bob"
Views: 8909
Singin' Cowboy Bob and his horse Spitoon are filled with the spirit of a prairie Hanukkah as they yodel a deeply spiritual ditty.
Fouth of July - "Singin' Cowboy Bob"
Views: 4854
Cowboy Bob and his horse Spitoon offer their 4th of July salutations.
Valentine's Day - "Cowboy Bob"
Views: 4795
Cowboy Bob and his good ole partner, Spitoon, yodel out a Valentine's day duet for horse and Cowboy.
Thanks to the Troops - "Singin' Cowboy Bob"
Views: 8355
In this thank you ecard, our Singin' Cowboy, this time with his little Sister Cowgirl Annie, sing a duet for the troops.
Graduation - "Singin' Cowboy Bob"
Views: 6105
The ole Cowboy himself rides the range and yodels a fine one for the successful graduate.
Singing Cowboy Bob and Spitoon warble a sweet belated bday song .
Views: 7661
In this brithday eCard, Bob and good ole Spitoon sing a song for horse and cowboy to lament the forgettin' of a birthday.
Boss Day - "Singin' Cowboy Bob"
Views: 5223
Singin' Cowboy Bob and his good ole partner Spitoon sing out a prairie tune in honor of Boss' Day.
Birthday - "Singin' Cowboy Bob" Close Cap
Views: 7749
The Close Caption birthday eCard version of Singin' Cowboy Bob and his partner Spitoon, flingin' a yodel over the high plains.
New Years - "Cowboy Bob"
Views: 5166
"COWBOY BOB & Good Ol' SPITOON" yodel and spit their way into the New Year.
Presidential Elections - "Singin' Cowboy Bob"
Views: 5360
Cowboy Bob and his methane producing horse, Spitoon, run for the White House.